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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Zionist intelligence reveals American-Islamic Summit goals


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Zionist intelligence reveals American-Islamic Summit goals

Post by rocky on Fri 19 May 2017, 2:11 am

Zionist intelligence reveals American-Islamic Summit goals


Held in the atheist twenty of this month, an American Islamic summit on the land of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being the most prominent where the President of the United States of America Donald Trump, what makes it followed up on more than one level, to find out what its resulting from the orientations and decisions, some of which will appear to the public, and some of them remain hidden .
The goals of the summit, according to observers of the agency granted to Saudi Arabia install singled out as the leadership of «Islamic countries» which are originally under the «abaya» US, Saudi Arabia and the reward for its role in sectarian discourse pricing and support for extremist organizations practicing terrorism in Syria.
Among other goals too, Website Zionist intelligence, where US President asserted that Donald Trump will announce from the Saudi capital Riyadh, the formation of «NATO's Sunni Arab-Islamic» pointed out to him! And always uses the Zionist media and expressions of sectarian and confessional terms.
And because the Zionist enemy is the best placed to know what draws the region and the world, as a result of the strategic relationship with the United States, the media and intelligence and its means are not unable to provide sufficient data on the objectives of the Summit. Therefore, the announcement of the «NATO Arabic - Islamic ...» according to what the site referred to by the Zionist website, it was his boot, campaigns escalation against Iran, a campaign waged by the rotation of the Americans and the Saudis and the Zionists and their tools of terrorism. At the time of the Zionists officials are keen to launch statements about the friendship of the Zionist entity Arab states gathered specifically Saudi relations, and the latest statements as announced by the Head of Policy and Strategy Institute Gamos Gilad, who confirmed that «there is a security-friendly countries like Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, countries».
It is clear that US security strategies put «Israel» at the top of its priorities and considers it part of its national security. These fixed strategies does not change Ptbdl departments, and the US commitment to Saudi Arabia remains, and will not vibrate at all. In 1945, US President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdul Aziz Al Saud signed an agreement on board the ship «Quincy» states that the United States provides protection to the family of unconditional ruling Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia in return for guaranteeing the power supply you want the United States, has been set for the agreement sixty years, has been renewed for another sixty years in 2005.
Therefore, the choice of Trump to be the first foreign visits to Saudi Arabia and then «Israel», but involves directing messages in more than one direction, no doubt that the Islamic Summit will be covered by the US to clarify and translate messages.

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