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After severing relations with Qatar .. Washington Times reveals the future of many base


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After severing relations with Qatar .. Washington Times reveals the future of many base

Post by rocky on Wed 07 Jun 2017, 1:34 am

After severing relations with Qatar .. Washington Times reveals the future of many base

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Continue Mawazine News:
Do tensions between Qatar and its Arab neighbors in the Gulf region affect the future of the air base? A question has been going on since many countries, notably Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, have cut ties with Doha, and the Washington Times has tried to answer it.
The newspaper pointed to fears that the United States would have to transfer the base from which air attacks on the organization of the Islamic state "urged" or reduce the scope of those operations in the Middle East.
Washington is still assessing the possible repercussions of a decision by three Gulf Arab states - Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain - along with Egypt and Libya on Monday to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar over its close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and its close proximity to Iran and armed groups, the White House said. In the area.
But Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, said: "Our military operations launched from base (many) are still ongoing, and not affected."
The move came as military campaigns entered their final stages to expel the militants of the terrorist organization "Da'ash" from the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Raqqa, the last stronghold of militants in the two Arab countries.
The military campaigns are making clear progress on the ground, but there are growing concerns within the Pentagon about the increasing polarization in the Middle East, while the Gulf states cut diplomatic ties with Qatar except for Kuwait and Oman.
"We encourage our Gulf partners to maintain their unity and focus on common threats," Davis said, stressing that regional unity also serves as a buffer against the expansion of Iranian influence in the region.
Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states closed land, sea and air ports to Qatari transport and imposed restrictions on exports to the small Gulf state, which could cause logistical problems for the US military presence in Qatar.
In addition to being the headquarters of the US Central Command in the Middle East, the Airbase is also a platform for air attacks in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and at least 17 other countries.
Major Adrian J. T. US military aircraft continue operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria despite recent tensions, Rankin-Galloway said in a statement on Monday.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and US Defense Secretary James Matisse said on Monday they did not expect the Saudi, Egyptian, UAE and Bahrain decisions to sever ties with Qatar to combat terrorism, but urged both sides to resolve their differences.
"I do not expect this to affect much or not at all in the unified war on terrorism in the region or globally," Tillerson told reporters in Sydney after meetings between defense and foreign ministers in the United States and Australia.
The decision to cut ties came at a critical moment for the battle against a hasty organization.
Syrian Kurdish people's protection units have recently said they expect Syria's US-backed democracy forces to begin rebuilding the city of al-Raqqa, the stronghold of Syria's hardline militant group, within days.
It is worth mentioning that the base of "Al-Jadid", located more than 30 km southwest of Doha, has about 11 thousand US military.
The base includes the longest air corridor in the Gulf region, at a distance of 3.8 kilometers, and the base is home to 120 aircraft.
In 2016, al-Qaeda was used as a launching pad for air strikes carried out by B-52s against targets of the Da'ash organization in Iraq and Syria.
At the start of the US campaign in Afghanistan, the F-16, the E-8C Joint Stars, and the main refueling station, took up the base.
The base includes the headquarters of the Central Command of the US Air Force, the Joint Center for Air and Space Operations and the 379th Airborne Wing.
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