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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The US military on the verge of collapse!


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The US military on the verge of collapse!

Post by rocky on Tue 18 Jul 2017, 2:57 am

The US military on the verge of collapse!

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{International: Euphrates News} expert on military history and former US Army Colonel "Douglas McGregor said:" The US generals prefer to ignore a number of serious problems in the army made him on the verge of collapse.
He wrote former US Army Colonel McGregor in "National Antrest" that Trump should be appointed defense minister , " a strong and well educated," to be able generals accountable and call for a radical change, otherwise the army lose money only.
He said the American expert that the General Command of the Army do not understand that "World War has already signed" and prefer to invest billions of dollars in non - advanced technologies, which claim it will bring victory in the war, or even new versions of platforms and systems obsolete.
He noted the former colonel in the US Army that the military exercises in Bulgaria , which NATO will be conducted on the fake land require control of the air as well as to promote and increase the combat capability of other operations.
According to the expert, these exercises are "mastery of suicide" and this is well known for NATO countries in Eastern Europe and Russia, because any process of this type require superiority in the air and sea, the whole system of superiority on the ground in a certain area, and if the Americans tried to implement a similar process with Russia, China or North Korea will end "maneuver" within a few minutes.
The expert also pointed out that the military problem in the distribution of about 200 thousand element in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and continued , " the army distributed all over the world and his squad from the remnants of the Cold War."
The expert added that the joint actions and integrated armed forces of the United States is not ready, and the situation in the world calls for the bloodiest battle since World War Althanih.anthy

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