Baghdad/Iraq News Network-State of law Coalition mp Abdel Salam Al-Maliki, on Monday, Juma 90 signatures of global banks approached to see his nephew and balances-and the Governor of Kirkuk, Barzani has suspicious contracts with States hostile to buy weapons in ways not Maliki said legitimacy at a press conference held at the State Capitol today, "the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani legitimacy losses and head of Government of the territory nigrvan and the Governor of Kirkuk article Najmuddin cream had big role in draining the riches of the Iraqi people and steal their oil wealth through Exported illegally, adding to seize areas illegally after overrunning several provinces irregulars of ISIS in 2014, let alone constitutional violations and irregularities by Barzani and suspicious contracts with unknown companies belonging to enemy States to buy Guns illegally. "he added," we're from responsibility after our show large balances rebounds with three characters with universal banks add to illegal investments in other people's money, ethical responsibility and ups we have 90 deputies signatures collection for submission to thePresidency of the House of representatives to issue a binding decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government approached the embassies and international financial institutions to notify us on balances and investments of these characters and put a hand on her and prevent her disposition and boycott any bank or institution dealing with them outside the framework of international laws and the sovereignty of Iraq. " And by saying, "in that sense we invite members of Parliament to vote on the resolution, that the Government quickly approached the international stakeholders to lay hands on those amounts.