BAGHDAD ( Reuters ) - The Pentagon has stopped receiving most orders from the Lockheed Martin F-35 because of a dispute over who is responsible for repairing a production fault discovered last year in more than 200 aircraft 
, according to informed sources . Last year, the ministry refrained from accepting F-35s for 30 days after corrosion was discovered where the carbon fiber panels were attached to the airframe. After the problem was fixed, delivery was resumed and Lockheed reached the target of deliveries last year.

According to " Reuters ", the sources , who asked not to publish their names, said that the delivery stopped again because of a dispute over who will bear the cost of repairing the defect that is likely that the logistical problem of complex travel technicians may require frequently to repair aircraft in different parts of the world. 

When the Ministry of Defense stops receiving new F-35s, foreign customers are likely to be affected. 

"At least two foreign governments have refrained from accepting F-35s because of this problem," two sources said. 

"Production in the F-35 program is continuing and we are confident that we will complete delivery of 91 aircraft in 2018. While all work continues in our factories, the F-35 Joint Program Office temporarily suspends the acceptance of aircraft until we arrive," a Lockheed spokeswoman said on Wednesday. Agreement on a matter related to the contract and expect to be resolved soon. "