MP said the coalition of victory Falah al-Khafaji, Sunday, that his coalition gave Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi full freedom to choose the candidates of the ministries provided that the ministers abstained "partisan", while stressing the importance of finding a database for each ministry and know where billions of dollars Which have been disbursed by the ministries over the past years. 

Al-Khafaji said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the victory coalition has already given the prime minister full freedom to choose the candidates of the ministerial cab on the condition of not Istzar partisan," noting that "in victory we do not want any ministry, but we will remain observers and government officials positively because success is a success For the political process. "

Al-Khafaji added that "the completion of the ministerial cabin and the continuation of the implementation of the government approach is the best option, and there are those who constitute the administration of the government and the most loyal supporters of this government and its founders were the former governments acting by proxy," pointing out that "the beginning of the new government is not good and does not go much Especially on the day of voting on 14 ministers from the government. " 

He added that "the victory coalition is monitoring the government and must take practical steps to improve the level of service delivery and work to find a database for each ministry and know where billions of dollars spent by ministries during the previous years," stressing the importance of overcoming personal differences and quotas must Of altruism of the year at the expense of partisan and personal interests to proceed with the completion of the government and the implementation of its program.

Abdul Mahdi to Tuesday of this week.