A law on the removal of US and foreign forces from Iraq will be voted on at the beginning of next legislative term , spokesman for the parliamentary bloc of law, Bahaa al-Din al-Nouri, said on Thursday , stressing that Iraq does not need the presence of these forces. 

Al-Nouri said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the government and the House of Representatives are demanding a firm and frank position on foreign presence on Iraqi territory and that there is strong in front of the Iraqi people to defend the sovereignty of Iraq," noting that "there is a draft law to remove foreign forces from Iraq was signed Of the number of deputies will be voting at the beginning of the next legislative term. "
Al-Nouri added that "there is a pre-agreement between Baghdad and Washington that provides for the withdrawal of US forces and in the case of its application as it is in force should be those forces to leave the country," pointing out that "to the moment we did not see a formal position and clear and strong of the American presence or Trump's recent statements, Has not officially announced whether there is a need for foreign forces and bases in Iraq or not. " 

Al-Nouri stressed that "most of the political blocs in parliament do not want to keep foreign forces, so we expect there to be a decisive and strong position of the House of Representatives towards the presence of these forces, either out or codified according to the need of the government," stressing that "we do not need the presence of these forces in our country Military and security forces demonstrated on the ground the ability to extend security and hold his file in an optimal manner. " 

US President Donald Trump revealed, On Sunday (February 3, 2019), about his intention to keep his troops in Iraq, pointing out that the goal is to "monitor" Iran. 

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi , on Tuesday (February 5, 2019), rejected the use of Iraq by any other country, denying the existence of US military bases in Iraq.