, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo , on Monday, the new commander of theIranian Revolutionary Guard as a "radical" is no different from others. 

"America has deprived Iran of at least $ 10 billion because of our decision not to renew exemptions on Iran's oil sanctions, " Pompeo told a news conference . 

He pointed out that "the new commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards is a radical and no different from other Iranian officials," stressing that "we will not support any other group from outside Iran, but we support only the Iranian people."

"If Americans are attacked by Iran, we will respond to that," Pompeo said. "We want the Iranian people to know that we are listening to them and that we will not tolerate those who suppress them." 

"His country has set 12 demands for Iran and if it does not comply, we will continue our campaign in cooperation with Israel and our allies in the Gulf," he said. 

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued an order on Sunday appointing a new commander of the Revolutionary Guards, replacing Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari .