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Newspapers follow the position of parliamentary finance from the budget and the government's objecti


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Newspapers follow the position of parliamentary finance from the budget and the government's objecti Empty Newspapers follow the position of parliamentary finance from the budget and the government's objecti

Post by rocky on Mon 23 Sep 2019, 3:43 am

Newspapers follow the position of parliamentary finance from the budget and the government's objection to the draft law of the ownership of slums

  •  23 September 2019

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Newspapers issued in Baghdad on Monday morning, the twenty-third of September, the position of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives of the federal budget, and the government's objection to the draft law of ownership slums, and other issues.
Sabah newspaper, which is issued by the Iraqi Media Network, said that the parliamentary finance committee decided not to receive the 2020 budget from the government in case it contains a large fiscal deficit, while continuing to hold meetings with the Ministry of Finance to discuss the reduction of the deficit and rely on non-oil revenues .
The newspaper pointed to the statement of the Committee's President Haitham al-Jubouri: "The budget for next year is still in the stages of preparation with the government agencies concerned," noting: "The committee will return it to the government and take responsibility in the event of a large fiscal deficit."
He added: "The government is interested in finding solutions to fill the budget deficit other than oil revenues," noting that: "can not predict things unless the budget reaches the dome of the House of Representatives."
As quoted by a member of the Committee Ahmed Mazhar al-Jubouri: `` The Committee has already stopped debts, especially foreign in the budget of 2019, at a time when there is a need to continue the debt as they existed during the war on ISIS gangs in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and Salah al-Din ", indicating "The debt, especially foreign, amounted to $ 125 billion, and its survival portends a danger to the economic future of Iraq."
Newspaper Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed followed the slums issue and the government's objection to a draft law that would be owned by its residents. The Soul
She said in this regard, citing the parliamentary legal committee, that the government registered an objection to the project of ownership of slums to citizens under the pretext of its negative impact on the basic design of cities.
It quoted the Vice-Chairman of the Legal Committee Mohammed al-Ghazi: "The crisis of slums not only includes Iraq, but extends to all Arab countries in conjunction with the increase in poverty among people and the lack of material resources."
Al-Ghazzi added: “The violators on the land are divided into two categories. The first has commercial objectives. We, too, with their removal but on the condition that they develop an alternative. ”
And Ghazi: "The provisions of the Constitution and budget laws entrusted the state institutions with the task of securing the right of housing for the citizen, although the official authorities did not take any position to implement those provisions."
The legal expert Yasser al-Khafaji, according to the newspaper: "The adoption of the law of ownership of slums must have government support."
Al-Khafaji said: "The Constitution requires the House of Representatives to take the opinion of the government when enacting laws with financial implications, and that the project of ownership of slums such."
The newspaper / Zora / issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, has continued to talk seminar organized by the Integrity Commission, in cooperation with the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate at the headquarters of the
She noted the words of the Bar Council member Hassan slave: "The organization of the Integrity Commission Seminar Dialogue in the Journalists Syndicate at the end of the National Integrity Week is a good gesture from the Commission to announce its activities and programs for its work, noting: "There is a high level of coordination between the union and the Commission is the preparation of training and educational programs Able to prepare investigative reports It means disclosure of the files of corruption which was published in the media. "
Meanwhile, Al-Zawraa said the observer member of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, Said Yassin: “There are great challenges facing the work of integrity, including the awareness side, ie, the community ignores government programs and is not interested in benefiting from cultural programs through which the operations can be reduced. Corruption. ”
Yassin added: “The national integrity system is built on multiple parties, namely the legislative, judicial, executive, religious institutions, the media, both partisan and independent organizations, and civil society organizations. All of these work towards building a human rights state. Corruption is a violation of human rights.” .
He pointed out: "There are large files of corruption estimated billions of dollars as a result of the theft of public money or waste in mock projects or stalled, as Iraq has spent on the project of Asala in the capital Baghdad about one billion and 200 million dollars, and the project is currently lagging, in addition to the project Al-Jaysh channel, which cost about 143 billion dollars, of which 90 million dollars was spent, and then added 11 million dollars for additional projects such as fencing and other construction, which made the total amount of the project 154 billion dollars, and the project is still lagging.
He explained: "Iraq has lost since the past years about $ 360 billion because of the delay and stop projects, and this is due to a defect in the law of government contracts."

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