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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Two: the easiest money out of their entry into Iraq 8/24/2014 0:00 Despite the facilities inves


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Two: the easiest money out of their entry into Iraq 8/24/2014 0:00 Despite the facilities inves

Post by rocky on Sat 23 Aug 2014, 6:17 pm

Two: the easiest money out of their entry into Iraq

8/24/2014 0:00

Despite the facilities investment law and its amendments

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi - the joy of pumice

In time which allowed the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, free access to private money investors and companies to Iraq suffers each, according to two experts economists from weakness keep abreast of developments in the banking system of the country hinders access a large portion of this money for the purpose of investing for the advancement of economic reality, along with stability factor.

In this context, the adviser said the banking d. Essam Mahouelle that Iraq has suffered for years from a decline in economic performance due to old policies that have isolated Iraq from the periphery and from any developments keep pace with the times in the world of banking and modern systems.

He added in a statement (morning): The process of creating access (for the development of the local public) is a difficult process, as most of the budget resources derived from the process of extraction, production and export of crude oil, adding that bringing in money from abroad, and entering into investments within the country is a difficult process.

He noted that investors have trouble insert their money into Iraq for two reasons Risn first regards the stability of the general situation of the country to the nature of that capital is a coward and is subject to escape when exposed to state of shock, and the second related to the development of banks and approval regimes of modern banking and the proliferation of dealing cards Alaútmanah.daia to speed up the development of the banking system by speeding up the implementation of the project divided the national banking system overall.

He Mahouelle the importance of spreading the culture of dealing with money-mail (credit cards or credit cards) and direct open outlets and points of sale and discharge in commercial areas scattered from the capital to engage in these activities and then circulated to the rest of the areas after the improvement of the general situation of the fact that it gives the impression to foreign investors that the payments system walking towards the improvement and that he met the evolution.

According to some of the Helms law of the First Amendment to the Investment Law No. (13) of 2006 No. 2 of 2010, the investor enjoys the benefits of Directed Capital, which led him into Iraq, and proceeds in accordance with the provisions of this law and instructed the CBI and a convertible currency, after the payment of its obligations and debts in all of the Iraqi government and all other entities .

In addition to opening accounts Iraqi or foreign currency or both at a bank inside or outside Iraq for the licensed project. "

The economic expert, Dr. Hilal Taan believes that the security and political situation through which reflected negatively on the country attract capital and investment into Iraq, as well as the escape of Iraqi funds to the countries of the world easily, especially they were looking for stability and safety.

He Taan in his speech for the "morning": that "the terrorist attacks suffered by the country due to the recent aggression" Daash "to several provinces and cities, formed a key factor in the escape of a lot of capital and reduction of attracting foreign investment in various sectors."

As for the Iraqi private sector, has been among the expert that he began looking for to run his money abroad, especially as it is looking for markets and countries stable, Kalamarat, Jordan and other countries, along with the inability of Iraqi banks to provide guarantees substantial foreign investment or attract capital, because of the situation experienced by the country.

The main factors that contribute to the development of all sectors of Iraq's economy, he recalled Taan It lies in the availability of security and political stability in the country in order to attract foreign and domestic investment, in addition to the economic decision-making and implementation of health legislation package that supports the development process in the country.

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