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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    The Devil’s Tears


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    The Devil’s Tears Empty The Devil’s Tears

    Post by Neno Thu 18 Sep 2014, 5:31 pm

    The Devil’s Tears Carnival18

    The Devil’s Tears

    September 10, 2014

    How a Holocaust Against the Shia Will Secure Oil Dollars
    By JC Collins

    In the year 450BC Herodotus described the blackness of the oil pits which were found near the city of Babylon and by 325BC Alexander the Great was using flaming oil torches to scare his enemies.  Everywhere we look in history to find oil we also find that the black sludge from inside the Earth has been used to promote and externalize the negative void which man holds within his heart.

    Many cultures and people have come to call oil the Devil’s Tears because once the resource is discovered nothing but death and despair follow.  With the onset of modernization this process quickened and once peaceful regions and peoples were either decimated or found themselves living under oppressive regimes of massive resource striping.

    The Ottoman Empire controlled the larger middle eastern region from the 13th Century to the beginning to the 20th.  Some of the largest oil deposits on Earth were discovered in and around the Mosul area in 1908.  From this moment the efforts by the western banking interests to implement a central bank in the United States doubled and by 1913 the Federal Reserve, the first truly international central bank, was in business and the World War to fragment the Ottoman Empire was underway.

    The Devil’s Tears Ottoman_empire_b

    Modernization and industrialization was increasing at a similar pace to what we see happening today in the technology and information sectors.  Analysts of that time period would have correctly surmised that the coming century would belong to those who controlled the engine for this growth.

    As such, strategies were put into place to ensure that the resources would come under the control of the western banking interests.  I would like to interject here that the once western banking interests have since become the international banking interests by establishing central banks across the world.

    When we think of oil we usually think of the Rockefellers at some point.  It is casually known by the astute researcher that the Rockefeller interests are controlled by the Rothschild banking interests, meaning that resource development is subservient to the expansion of the debt based money system.

    The 20th Century could have developed in numerous directions simultaneously but instead we had a near linear progression within a narrow pathway of advancement and education.  This process assured the expansion of markets, such as the automobile and highway/interstate paradigm, which promoted the usage and development of oil and other natural resources.

    Today we stand on the verge of witnessing the first integrated and multilateral economic system the world has ever seen.  The super-sovereign entity which is emerging from within the ruins of the old will shudder off the shame of the nest it created and stampede across the last vestiges of individualism and uniqueness in the world.

    People erroneously promoted the idea that the United States was independent and free from the controls of the international banking interests and they now promote this same fallacy for the BRICS countries.  The United States was no more free from the machinations of international banking than was the so-called western institutions of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the United Nations.  Nor are the BRICS Development Bank and Contingency Reserve Arrangement separate and independent from the same controls.

    As the super-sovereign SDR reserve currency increases in acceptance and use it will become apparent to those who thought freedom was just around the corner that our future freedom is in fact the abandonment of creativity and uniqueness, which is leading us into a world of subtle sameness.

    This subtle sameness will be a creeping thing of consolidation which will further starve the voided heart of man.

    The consolidation will take place across the entire spectrum of human experience, from religion and economics, to political systems and entertainment.

    The geopolitical balance required to implement this system assures a micro level of resource hoarding and border repositioning.  The easiest method of confusing the future mind is to obscure the past mind and that is best achieved by fragmenting cultures and countries while repositioning borders.

    Certain American industrial interests have a strong hand in keeping specific resources and regions under their control.  For 600 years Europe and North America have been willing partners in not only modernization and development but also mass murder and social engineering.  The multilateral economic system which is emerging threatens to rip Europe from North America.  From a geopolitical viewpoint that cannot be allowed to happen.

    This is why the west is manipulating the situation in Ukraine. If eastern Ukraine falls to Russia than the geopolitical separation of Europe from North America will only be a few chess moves away.
    The same is happening in the Middle East.

    It is interesting to note that whenever a country attempts to trade oil in any currency other than the US dollar they either find themselves under direct attack from America or they begin to suffer internal unrest and fragmentation.

    In the early 1970’s as Vice President of Iraq Saddam Hussein nationalized the oil fields and took control of the state owned banks.  This was allowed as long as the oil was exported for US dollars.  The other part of the Iraq equation was that Iran had recently overthrown the western backed Shah in the Islamic Revolution of 1979.  The west needed Saddam and Iraq to counter the Iranian oil threat.  This is the origins of the Iraq/Iran war of the 1980’s.

    Saddam eventually caught onto the game and attempted a few power moves which would ultimately backfired on him.  It was when he finally made the penultimate blunder of them all, selling oil for euros, that the west was forced to invade the country and setup a controllable government.

    All seemed fine until the government of Iraq began making oil agreements with China and Russia.  These agreements would be balanced in yuan or rubles of course, which was a threat to the dollars strategic position in the new multilateral system.

    You see, the dollar will be around for while yet and the western industrial interests, which at times intersect with the international banking interests, would like to see the dollar remain influential enough in the world economy to extract strategic benefits.

    The international bankers, for their part, care little about how the system is balanced between currencies as long as the balance exists on the macro level to implement the wider SDR denominated bond reserve system.

    The western industrial interests, of which Koch Industries are one, have held congress in limbo on the 2010 IMF Governance and Quota Reforms in order to buy time for the strategy of securing resources for continued dollar denomination.

    But the clock is ticking.

    The ISIS situation is a black operation by the west to force the hands of the Middle East to continue accepting the dollar.

    ISIS attempts to overthrow the government of Iraq after Iraq begins making agreements with Russia and China.

    ISIS is attempting to overthrow Assad in Syria because Syria is partnered with Russia and China on supplying gas to Europe.

    ISIS is threatening to take control of Saudi Arabia now that Saudi Arabia has shown signs of moving towards China on oil trade.

    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated that the US may attempt to use the ISIS threat as a means to bomb Assad’s forces in Syria.

    Saudi Arabia was initially upset last year when the US backed down from bombing Syria because of pressure from Russia and China.  Saudi since made the subtle move towards China and now conveniently ISIS is threating both Syria and Saudi.

    From the position of the western interests, Saudi Arabian oil cannot be allowed to be sold in anything other than the US dollars.  It would dramatically weaken the American position in the new multilateral system if this were to happen.

    The American industrial interests do not want this happen and are systematically promoting and providing support for the further fragmentation of countries in the Middle East which are attempting to move away from the dollar.

    One of the methods of doing this is by supporting the Sunni dominated ISIS group to cause chaos in the region.  ISIS is very likely a psychological operation which will never lead the Middle East to anything resembling peace and security.   (Thanks for the link D Mac)

    The Muslim population is predominately Sunni, at 87-89% versus the 11-13% of Shia.  The Shia have been systematically targeted for sociological reduction in all Muslim dominated countries, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Indonesia.  They are even persecuted in India and China.

    If Saudi Arabia remains under western geopolitical and economic interests it is highly likely we will see an expansion and deepening of the unspoken holocaust against the Shia.

    Feelings of sadness overcome when I think about the mass killings and bombings that have taken place around the world in just my lifetime.  The fact that the disorganized masses are not sickened by the constant horror which emerges from the void within the heart of man is a testament to the willingness of all to slough off accountability and refuse to self-reflect on the world.

    If one of us is guilty than we are all guilty.  Whether we agree or not, collective guilt is real and gnaws at our consciousness from just below the surface.  Who in the western world has not benefited from the power that was born from the reserve status of the American dollar?  Who amongst us has not suckled at the tit of credit to get that new house or buy that new car?  Who has not dreamed the dreamed of the American dream?

    We consume to fill the void within our hearts and when we ultimately realize that the emptiness can never be filled with anything from the world of matter we fall into despair.  When the futility of matter washes over us we weep the devil’s tears.  – JC

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