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[rtl]Baghdad - Iraq today:

The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed that there are more than 150 laws that are still suspended in the permanent committees of the House of Representatives since the previous sessions. [/rtl]

[rtl]Committee member Omid Muhammad said in a press statement, "Many important laws are still suspended since the previous parliamentary sessions, and they have accumulated due to the past security, political and economic events and the lack of appropriate conditions for their legislation, and some of them did not obtain a political consensus."[/rtl]

[rtl]Muhammad added, "The suspended laws that have not been legislated amounted to more than 150 laws that are included in the lists of the permanent parliamentary committees." [/rtl]

[rtl]He pointed out, "The next legislative term and the current parliamentary session will witness the enactment of many laws that affect the lives of citizens and important laws, especially with the completion of the budget law, which took a large part." He explained, "The most prominent laws that will be legislated are the civil service law, general amnesty and personal status, as well as the Federation Council law and the oil and gas law, although it is a controversial law and political needs consensus."[/rtl]

[rtl] He pointed out that "the political stability at the present time and the appropriate conditions for the enactment of important laws will give a great impetus towards the enactment of important laws that are suspended, and there is no justification for the Presidency of Parliament to include them." in the sessions in order to legalize them.”[/rtl]

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