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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Glenn Beck unleashes on Donald Trump

    day dreamer
    day dreamer
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    Glenn Beck unleashes on Donald Trump Empty Glenn Beck unleashes on Donald Trump

    Post by day dreamer Sat 16 Jan 2016, 8:26 pm

    Glenn Beck via Ted Cruz

    Donald, how do you answer this?

    First you you use the bodies of the 9.11 dead to smear Ted Cruz pretending there is no such thing as a New York point of view.

    Now we see the video of you on meet the press specifically stating that your "totally pro choice" view (including partial birth abortion) and views on Gay Marriage are what they are because you live in New York. In fact you go on to say: "if I lived in Iowa my views might be different".

    Using the smell of the dead to cover your tracks is beneath you and the office of which you seek.

    The same week you go back on what you said in September that after checking with "all your attorneys" Cruz is a citizen and there was nothing to worry about.

    Then today in NH you call me all kinds of nasty names because I used YOUR words from a tweet from you where you claimed:

    "I always vote for winners. Congratulations to my good friend Barak Obama".

    How else should we read that claim? You wrote it right after the election!

    Maybe you don't understand that the Internet allows you to see what you have said in the past. My guess is that you do.

    I think, you are so used to getting your way and people folding when you begin to bully that you think that America will not look into the facts.

    I have respect for the American people. I have always said:


    When they do they will see who is telling the truth. (No need to delete the tweet, we have a screen shot)

    It is very sad to see that you will violate any principle and attempt to destroy anyone who stands in the way of what you want. It is troubling to see that you, just like your "good friend Obama", have such a low opinion of the American people.

    This isn't something new. You try to destroy anyone who stands in your way. From Megan Kelly to grand mothers.

    You have thrown little old ladies out of their homes so you could build a parking lot.

    You tried to do it again in Scotland, while calling the farmers there "pigs".

    Scotland stopped you. They put principles over profit. You were shocked.

    But here in America, your attorney corrupted the constitution and America allowed you to destroy lives until many state went back to strengthen the private property protections in the constitution.

    The graft, back room deals and destruction of anyone that stands in your way are the ideas that gave birth to the 9.12 project.

    When I started that movement it was to reunite us with the principles that we ALL held on the day after the World Trade Center murders. You see Mr Trump those weren't New York values, those people were found everywhere across America. It is who we are. People who want to do the right thing and put people and principles first.

    It is unfortunate, as the MSM will eventually show the voters your ugly history of name calling, destruction, sexist behavior and lies once you are the nominee.

    By then, it will be too late and we will watch in horror as Hillary takes the oath of office.

    Anyone who knows how the press and political machine works know that they are only silent now to carry the water for Hillary.

    But another President Clinton shouldn't bother you too much as you are dear, close friends with the clintons and have voted and contributed to their campaigns. (I should note on this claim of your vote I do not have any tweets from you). I am sure they will be most comfortable with helping you on anything that you might need in the future as they are just as transactional as you are, evidenced by the foreign donations to the Clinton foundation.

    I know that you think you can lie, bribe (donate) and destroy to get what you want. You may have even lied to yourself for so long that you may honestly believe the things you say.

    But here is the thing you forget and will soon be reminded of:

    While you have the same progressive mindset (tax the wealthy/ government healthcare works and is good/ bailouts were good)

    --- You are NOT Barak Obama.

    When it is to their advantage the press will destroy you. Right now they are using you to destroy the constitutionalists. They hate Ted Cruz more than you, but just as John McCain found out, they hate you more than Hillary.

    Those conservatives in the media that know better should be ashamed of themselves.

    Donald Trump is transactional.

    He is "your friend" and will "remember your kindness".

    He tried to cozy up to me. The blaze reporter that covered him as part of their beat can recall several conversations where he claimed I was "a genius" etc.

    We laughed between ourselves at the time because I know that I am no genius and we suspected he was saying those things because we knew he was going to run.

    But I must ask: Donald, Were you Lying then or now?

    Just like you admitted with Cruz last week during the debate to justify your flip flop: "He is doing well in the polls now", were you saying kind things about me then in hopes to 'befriend and 'purchase' my silence?'

    Or are you only trying to destroy me now because I will not be bullied away from the facts of who you are politically?

    Make no mistake, I do not dislike you as an entertainer, or even a politician. To me you are irrelevant but I believe progressivism is a cancer to the constitution and you sir are the definition of a big government progressive.

    You are more Phillip Drew or Father Couglin than a simple builder of Golf Courses.

    To all those who truly claim to be constitutional conservatives who have also said "without question Cruz is the conservative in the race" and my personal favorite "Donald Trump is by no means or measurement a conservative", what is it you are you getting out of remaining silent on the corruption of your principles? What is it you hope to gain? Access? A seat at the table? A round of golf with the president?

    We know what Hillary, Anthony wiener, Charley Rangle and Harry Reid got: money.

    Billionaires who use their money, connections and microphone don't frighten me.

    George Soros tried to silence me with smears, lies and intimidation.

    It didn't stop me then.

    Donald Trump won't stop me or the truth now.

    His policies of progressivism and the tactics of Saul Alinsky are the same.

    But, Mr Trump I know 'spooky dude' and you sir, are no spooky dude.





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