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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Installation of oil production ... the prospects for the Doha meeting next!


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Installation of oil production ... the prospects for the Doha meeting next!

Post by rocky on Sat 09 Apr 2016, 4:23 am

Installation of oil production ... the prospects for the Doha meeting next!

lipid Jalal al-Hanafi 

Exceeded the price of crude in the last period $ 42 driven by three main factors, the relative decline in oil stocks announced by the International Energy Agency, and the fall of the dollar index , which tracks theperformance of the US currency at about 0.02% against a basket of six major currencies after the Fed's latest statement on raise interest rates, in addition to the announcement of theDoha meeting in April next 17 to discuss the freezing of crude production levels at January roof as part of aninitiative put forward by Venezuela to influence crude prices up after the lows of the limits of $ 27 a barrel atthe beginning of this year. 
this represents a factor one of the top three factors that have supported crude indicators in the futures recently, built on the premise requires the agreement of some of the key producers of raw materials to freeze their production levels in January last as a mechanism to control prices and inventories, where it hopes themarkets that this meeting to produce a joint statement about the installation of production, what does that mean? Very briefly , it is to accept producing countries participating in the meeting to stop any additional quantities of oil in excess of the quantity that was produced last January, where he will require implementation by the establishment of a ministerial committee of the member states as expressed by Venezuelan Energy Minister "to follow up the commitment to the guidelines and control prices and stocks ", as well as to assess the impact of the freeze in the oil market in terms of prices as well as monitor the states involved in theimplementation of this resolution and the quantities of oil sold commitments down to an acceptable state ofbalance between supply and demand. As it crossed the states expressed interest in discussing this initiative, crossed again the difficulties in their own countries to be applied to them, such as Iran, Azerbaijan and Nigeria , in addition to Iraq, but that everyone expressed support for the idea of holding this meeting also expressed their attendance him! 
The outputs of the Doha meeting on April 17 \ April next for the oil market and the markets of public money represents the backbone of any price pillars of ore in the foreseeable future, so producers and speculators and investment funds have sought to dedicated work on the deployment of excessive optimism and promotion of scenarios amounts to be positive regarding the outcome of the meeting, targeting these moves influencing investment trends public markets to increase profits on these small investors who will pay the price of this rosy pictures directly reflected losses on their returns in the futures interest expense. Speculators and oil producing countries most affected by the decline in oil prices has played a similar role in this regard previously, including the Russian energy minister 's comments , which raised last January crude market indicators byabout 5%, when he talked about the Saudi proposals on reducing global output by about 5%. . which was denied by Saudi Arabia later. 
Maidor in the market today, especially the oil is just a process to promote the illusion, as speculators in themarket , trying to stick to it for the purpose of reaping as much as possible of the profits precedes the Doha meeting and reduce the decline difference in market values ​​of certain investment portfolios associated withthis sector, and the same destiny also invested some producing countries this promotion , hoping to compensate for the low prices , which engulfed Bslathm that make the most of them the main source of imports, the state of uncertainty today is prevailing across markets , where require the interests ofspeculators snap up every opportunity to maximize profits. 
there are several indications that most of the countries that intend to attend either OPEC or outside Lennon dealing with this meeting as a matter of raising the lintel, and the discharge of any responsibility literary may arise due to the erosion of prices in case the meeting fails, and that some of these countries linked bycommon interests with other suffer the biggest damage from low current prices , such as Russia , which threatens the economy slowly in the growth of (1.1-%) due to falling prices, but does not wish to come under the critical blame in front if efforts to contain prices declining failed. in 
theory, such an installation is planned to limit the growth of the oversupply of crude where you expect theinternational energy agency that the desired agreement will push to reduce the global surplus of about 500 thousand barrels per day until 2017, so the work is to support the meeting by producing countries is in thebest interest of the ordered strengthen Nfotha prices and supporting the balances and escape the inflationary pressures .. but practically adhere to production under January last roof will not be as easy as expected for many of these countries , led by Iraq , which suffers from a deficit in its budget of more than 30% of theoutput product and seeks to compensate for the money by increasing export volumes, and it 's the same applies to the states Other including Nigeria and Azerbaijan, Iran, Mexico, Oman and others. 
countries that teeter fall in oil prices to more than 60% since last June will not be strong enough to withstand to achieve the goals of the upcoming meeting , even if you want to participate, you will not prices go up to the extent that will encourage them to continue and endurance without attempts to jump on any possible deal, especially with the presence of US shale oil that lurks to resume full production and operation Mnsath stalled to cover 10.1% of the global supply as defined by the management of the US energy Information Administration . 
for Aatouka that result in the Doha meeting an agreement was in the interest markets, and speculators and promoters optimism theory Anevsm to Aatoukon that too and I think that the situation will worsen in oil prices and by extension with the balance of its producing payments. Iraq is one of those states who will suffer double pressure in terms of seeking to maintain low prices for currency exchange bloated and resist imported inflation under high lending costs and the development of high credit risks. It remains to Ashiraly that thegoals of the next Doha meeting represents the lesser evil , both producing countries agreed with it or not agree.

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