Baghdad / Iraq News Network asked the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, theTurkish government to withdraw its troops from Ba'shiqah hand northern city of Mosul , Nineveh province, as a "goodwill gesture" by expressing their desire to return relations with Alarac.ochhd Iraqi relations - Turkish tension years ago and intensified after entry of Turkish troops in December 2015 at camp Ba'shiqah near Mosul , despite the rejection of the demand of the Iraqi government 'swithdrawal of violating the sovereignty of Iraq , and it came without asking him, which denies Ankara says its forces have entered the approval of the request of Iraqis, the Iraqi government called on to make a complaint to the UN security Council demanding an international resolution to bring out these Rult.oukalt Committee member Samira al - Moussawi , in a press statement today: "Turkey if it wants to normalize better relations with Iraq before everything it has to withdraw its troops from Ba'shiqah and respect the sovereignty of Iraq , " noting that "the two countries 'relations economic, commercial, cultural and social , but the Turkish government made ​​a mistakeby entering its troops to Iraq in this way . "she added," Turkey has been a conduit for Daash and terrorists , which is tolerated by them , thinking that it is immune from these criminals but soon changed their positions when they fire up to it and this is what we warned him repeatedly today Zuqgua heartburn and bitterness of their actions after the recent bombings in Istanbul and Ankarabut unfortunately felt now so and expressed willingness to cooperate with Iraq in the war on terror".oohart Moussawi that" this desire increased after the victories of the Iraqi forces, losses and defeats Bdaash in Iraq and Turkey also suffered bombings and terrorist attacks of Daash, and confirmed a member of the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations , said , " to restore relations with Turkey needs a strong Iraqi diplomatic status frameworks foreign policy based on internal consensus and this Mantmanah being reflected on the external performance, and today there is a chance to restore relations with Turkey in the best condition of respect Iraq 's sovereignty and withdraw forthwith its forces from Iraqi territory and to begin a new chapter be for the good of the two peoples and the two countries . "the new Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim - who took office last may , succeeding Davutoglu who Astqal- has shown in several times , most recently on Wednesday his country 's desire the return and the normalization of relations with Iraq and Syria , "stressing that Turkey needs" to increase its friends and its enemies shrink "in a tacit acknowledgment appeared that the previous policy was the cause of the marginalization of Ankara.