Baghdad / Iraq News Network announced an MP for the coalition in Iraq pretty Obeidi, onTuesday, that the Iraqi parliament pledged to vote to amend the accountability and justice law Tuesday, saying he was part of the political agreement that led to the formation of the government Alhalah.oukalt Obeidi in a press statement today : " the accountability part of the government program , which was voted on in the House of Representatives by the political forces participation Act now in the political process . " She added that " the government has reneged on theimplementation of its program in full," stressing " the need to pass laws that concern the street and the Iraqi public ".wachart Obeidi that" the House of Representatives pledged in a meeting last Sunday to vote on the law of accountability and justice on Tuesday after having a parliamentary consensus on it , ".utalb the Iraqi street , the House of Representatives to speed up passage of thejustice and accountability Law, at a time when the National Alliance , said he would vote on law inthe event was introduced in the House of Representatives, to be a complement to the law banningthe Baath Party.