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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Guardian: Daash hurling minors in suicide attacks at an unprecedented rate



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The Guardian: Daash hurling minors in suicide attacks at an unprecedented rate

Post by rocky on Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:02 am

The Guardian: Daash hurling minors in suicide attacks at an unprecedented rate

 translation term 

Immerse Daash children and adolescents in the battle group as suicide bombers at an unprecedented rate. A study conducted by the University of Georgia that these minors from different nationalities and between the ages of 12-16 years old. 
The study shows that the deaths of those who are employed by Daash rate of those under the age of 18 has doubled to a large extent. Overall, 39% of them were employed by Xaiqa cars or trucks loaded with explosives, while 33% others were killed as fighters pedestrians. 
As doubled the suicide bombings carried out by children and adolescents in the month of January of 2016 than in the past. 
Charlie Winter, co-author of the surprising say Daash children are very different from adult combatants "do not use the way you use Daash children unexpected in the context of the use of children as fighters, they are employed in saving adult fighters but in the duties of adults can not be performed. eight children and adolescents do not receive any special Daash leaders treatment but they treated as treated as adults. " 
after examining the places where die of these children, their nationalities, Winter says that Daash pushed them to the conflict in Iraq through neighboring Syria. 
the list of names of the dead, such as Talha Ismail - 17 years - from Dozubiri who blew himself up in the city of Baiji last year, the Iraqi. After weeks on the death of a cleric he said Daash leaders are acting as if they were "sexually gay" through swayed for youngsters. 
Most Americans who have joined or tried to join the Daash came from Minnesota, more than any other state or city. In August London's Metropolitan Police said more than 30 children from the United Kingdom were subjected to the orders of the Family Court for fear of becoming extremists. 
Said Mark Rowley Assistant counterterrorism official said some of the children are still too young. The list of the dead is also a French citizen and another Australia named Jake Pilarda 18 years old, who plans to attack targets in Melbourne before leaving to fight in hand Daash. 
Winter said that Daash were trained and taught children for years and now they get to know little by little on Daash military project but rapidly. Documents Daash interior revealed by the Guardian that also showed the group planned deliberately to train and equip children and prepare them to fight in a dedicated "to the cubs succession camps." 
The researchers concluded that the use of Daash for children in the war are likely to raise a dilemma morally serious military engagement in the future. It is clear that the leadership of Daash have far reaching toward young vision in its extreme, yet that militants today of the young may be terrorists adults tomorrow, the ethical issues raised by the young people participate in the battlefields may be at the forefront of the debate about the international coalition's war with Daash in the past next.

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