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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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22 thousand documents leaked Daash reveal ways of recruiting fighters from 50 countries



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22 thousand documents leaked Daash reveal ways of recruiting fighters from 50 countries

Post by rocky on Sat 12 Mar 2016, 3:28 am

22 thousand documents leaked Daash reveal ways of recruiting fighters from 50 countries

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

Handed former member defected from theorganization Daash unit stolen memory carrying documents reveal the identities of 22 thousand supporters of the organization in more than 50 countries to a British journalist ,a leak could help the West to target fighters who are planning attacks. 
Rarely leaking detailed information of this kind for the terrorist organization They provide British intelligence treasure trove of data may contribute to the detection of the militants , who have threatened to launch more attacks similar to what happened in Paris when 130 people were killed last November. 
him the man who calls himself Abu Hamid , a former member of al Daash and split about it, the files to theBritish Sky News television network on the memory unit said he stole it from the commander of the internal Security force organization tough. 
these files contain the pro-Daash and relatives names and phone numbers and other details as areas ofexpertise of these people and Zkahm of the leaders of the organization. 
the Sky the a file named "martyrs" provides details of a range of elements Daash ready for suicide attacks and trained on the implementation. 
said Richard Barrett, the former president of the unity of the fight against global terrorism in the British intelligence Service (Mi 6) this information is " a wonderful and unexpected achievement" in the war on themilitant group. " It would be a gold mine of the same intense and interesting especially to many in thesecurity and intelligence services is important information." 
Said Sky she informed the British authorities ordered documents obtained by the correspondent Stuart Ramsay at the site of an undisclosed Turkey. 
She said a Western security sources said these files if if true could help reveal the identities of potential attackers and networks of sympathizers that stand behind them and give an overview of the structure of theorganization. 
Reuters could not verify the authenticity of the documents from an independent source. And published a selection of documents in Arabic. 
He announced the organization of Paris Daash responsibility for attacks that took place in November 13 last and drop a Russian airliner over the Egyptian Sinai on 31 October, killing 224 people. And vowed to organize more attacks on the West and Russia. 
He says Western leaders that al Daash is now a threat to the West than the threat from al - Qaeda. 
He said the dissident , a former fighter of the Syrian army free joined the ranks of Daash The organization has become under the control of former soldiers of the Baath Party , which has dominated Iraq under Saddam Hussein , who was ousted from power in 2003 after the invasion , the US - led invasion of that country. 
it is by reading conducted by Reuters of some documents in Arabic published by the site "Zaman Al Wasl" news Syrian show it forms issued by the "Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant - General Directorate of borders "and offers personalized for each fighter details. 
it has all the answers to the 23 sample questions , including the name and place of birth, level of education and the level of knowledge of Islamic law and previous jobs filled person albeit suicide potential , or fit to be traditionally a fighter. 
he Raffaello Panucci, Director Department of international Security Studies at the Royal Institute of Defence Studies in London Commenting on these documents "look old to some extent." 
He said in reply email , "but interesting too real and a grant to researchers interested in understanding more about the organization. The main thing for me is Highlighting once again the bureaucracy within theorganization ... it actually looks like al - Qaida. "

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