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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Washington Post: War on Daash find their way after 18 months of its launch in Iraq and Syria



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The Washington Post: War on Daash find their way after 18 months of its launch in Iraq and Syria

Post by rocky on Mon 04 Apr 2016, 4:00 am

The Washington Post: War on Daash find their way after 18 months of its launch in Iraq and Syria

 translation: Range 

At a time when European governments scramble to contain the terrorist threat expanders group Daash, the strength of this terrorist group dwindle quickly in thebattlefields of Iraq and Soeria.vvi Last setbacks group, the Syrian government forces entered Thursday outskirts of the city of Palmyra historical after the attack lasted weeks with the support of air strikes Russian and US air strikes Iraqi forces helped restore the villages of Daash group in northern Iraq. 
These are just two examples of the many fronts where Daash pressure and retreat groups suffer at a time when it was unable to wage any successful attack during the past nine months. Also , its leaders are being killed by US air strikes at a rate of one every three days as select their ability to launch attacks on military US officials. 
No longer the leaders on the front lines talking about the enemy impenetrable, but for the disintegration ofdefenses within days and fighters to flee in the first attack they are exposed to. 
He says Maj . Gen. Abdul - Ghani al - Asadi, the commander of Iraqi Counterterrorism force , a supervisor ofthe recent Iraqi offensive to take control of the city of Hit , "they are not fighting, but are content to send car bombs and then flee, and when Nhazarethm they either surrender or infiltrate among civilians. morale shaky as evidenced by their contacts that Ntnst them, and their leaders are begging them to fight but refuse to obey orders. " 
US military officials believe that the military campaign against Daash have found their way after more than 18 months of wage, where Colonel Steve Warren spokesman says the US military" over time and with thematurity of our systems become more effective and better at detecting their places, the more they tried tomove find them and Nbedhm. they did not win the battle for a long time and are having difficulty in driving as a result of our targeting their leaders. " 
It is not supported by the American efforts is the only one that is gaining momentum, the Russian air Valdharbat played a major role in facilitating the entry of Syrian troops to the ancient city of Palmyra and achieve gains in the stronghold Daash in the door to the east of Aleppo in the construction of their way in thesouthwestern suburbs of the province of Raqqa. 
most of this progress achieved by a variety of supported allied forces to varying degrees from the United States, which includes the people's Protection units Kurdish north - eastern Syria; and the Peshmerga forces northern Iraq; the Iraqi army; and PDF buildup in Iraq is aligned with the United States but is fighting on thesame side. 
at the beginning of this year as the US military said Daash lost 40% of the territory that was controlled by 2014. in Anbar province , the Iraqi army is ahead of the length of the Euphrates valley towards Hit city after being dominated for more than 25 miles from land during the past week. 
In eastern Syria dominated people's Protection units Kurdish city Cheddadi the support of the US Special forces accompanied by seizing a thousand square miles of land. 
He says US officials the biggest constraints to further military progress now are political constraints to a large extent. Progress is happening on the task fronts, Kalmsalehh in Iraq and diplomatic efforts to end the war in Syria, do not keep pace with advances in the battlefields and hinder bring the fight to the strongholds of themost vital Daash plans. Where one of the operational plans stopped on the Syrian tenderness city because oftensions between Kurds and Arabs over who will participate and how to rule the city after restored. 
In the same way, disrupted the attack operations on the connector for the same reasons, which insist thecrowd popular - forces credited with achieving many of the gains Previous - it must have a role in the fighting ,with no objections from the US army and Kurdish Peshmerga. 
He says Michelle Knights, of the Washington Institute for Near East policy , "we can edit Mosul tomorrow, but we Snzbb in a real mess of our own making. there is a need for a lot of work to ensure the transfer of theOrganization of power in Mosul. " the 
Iraqi army described the operation outside the drunken city as the beginning of an attack of Mosul, while American and response officials said a limited operation to evict Daash villages were threatening the US and Iraqi stationed in the city forces Group. 
he says Knights" began Daash to collapse, he It represents a small movement if the pressure in a few battlefields at the same time they can not do something. "

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