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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Disclosure of US plan to strike deep into the popular crowd sleeper cells in rural South



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Disclosure of US plan to strike deep into the popular crowd sleeper cells in rural South

Post by rocky on Wed 06 Apr 2016, 6:28 am

[size=37]Disclosure of US plan to strike deep into the popular crowd sleeper cells in rural South[/size]

BAGHDAD - A special
 In light of the considerable progress being done by the security forces and the crowd the popular western Anbar and northern Fallujah, and get ready for the Liberation of al-Bashir, is trying to organize Daash untie the noose with him through the US plan to strike deep into the popular crowd in the center and south, this comes amid a parliamentary warnings from start to sound the alarm with the continuation of the conflict the gains and political spoils.
And hit the capital Baghdad and the provinces of Dhi Qar and Basra, which have enjoyed a relatively calm suicide attacks have killed and injured more than 40 civilians.
He says the lead in the popular crowd that America is trying to exploit the sleeper cells that have entered among the displaced to the central and southern regions to hit Shiite areas which are considered the main floor of the popular crowd to spark sectarian fuse between the components dismantling the noose for Daash.
He went on leadership preferred not to be named told (Journal News), that Washington and with the help of the Gulf states are trying to create a balance of power by activating Daash the whereabouts of the popular crowd, especially after he became the striking hand that prevented progress terrorist organization to take advantage of new areas.
He stressed that "the organization of Daash destroyed infrastructure western regions in the absence of a serious move to the United States are paid to think about taking the fight to secure the provinces to create a level playing field equation", he did not allow the popular crowd and forces and security to any attempt to disrupt the security situation in the safe areas and address them firmly.
In the meantime, he considered the head of the will of the MP Hanan al movement that the recent security breaches in the central and southern governorates began to "raise the alarm", warning other security implications in the event of continuing political By engaging the struggle for "political gains and spoils."
She Fatlawi, in a statement, Lord's (Journal News), "caution that the recent security breaches in the central and southern governorates have begun to raise the alarm the existence of sleeper cells began active", calling on security forces to be "be ready always ready."
Fatlawi said, "It seems that the political chaos that prevailed in the federal government began to reflect on the provinces", warning of "another security repercussions if the preoccupation of politicians continued to struggle to gain political spoils."
Meanwhile, a security expert strategic and Amir Jabbar said, "Daash organization has centers in areas where it was Asaitir them and tries to drain the security forces through bombings targeting Baghdad and areas south."
He said Jabbar's (Journal News) that "Daash tries to open more than one axis to fight through involving the suicide bombers and wheels bomb in Baghdad, the safe and the provinces."
On the other hand fighting security forces backed by the popular crowd fierce battles on different fronts in western Anbar and northern Fallujah, southeast of Mosul.
A leader in the popular crowd and confident Fartusi to military units backed forces seized control of the crowd and large parts of Hit, which approached the organization Daash to an end.
He said Fartusi told (Journal News), the other destination of the security forces would be wet and regions Rawah and Anah which border to the Syrian border, comes under the control of the band 15 forces and the Iraqi army, backed Btiran coalition victory area of ​​the Makhmour, south of Mosul. It is said that the security forces freed 10 villages belonging to eradicate drunken al Daash.

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