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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Network arrest has developed chemicals for (Daash) including Professor



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Network arrest has developed chemicals for (Daash) including Professor

Post by rocky on Mon 02 May 2016, 3:37 am

Warehouse for chemical substances
Network arrest has developed chemicals for (Daash) including Professor

Author: AHF, HH, TG 
Editor: AHF, HH 02.05.2016 10:56 Number of Views: 204 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Expose high-level intelligence source, on Monday, for the success of the intelligence agencies to disclose some of the chemical compositions used by the organization (Daash) in the targeting of civilians and the military, after belonging to the organization of a network of specialists to chemical, including "Professor," the arrest, and pointed out that the organization has produced these compounds using materials preliminary sold in local markets naturally, as he emphasized that the organization used those compositions in improvised explosive devices, wheels, bombs and missiles industry.
A senior intelligence source in an interview with (long-Presse), "The intelligence community was able to detect chemical mixtures used by the organization (Daash) against innocent people in the areas where clashes and short circuit militarily after the network has been the so-called arrest of (D), which specializes in technical matters and technological arm of including elements degree professor of chemistry and researcher Graduate Baalogi as well as former military officers to manufacturing. "
The source, who asked not to be named, said "the so-called development organization Think chemical preparations new consist of materials sold in local markets before that prevent these substances from circulation in the market by the government body," noting that "the organization was able to obtain chemical machinery ( mixing and storage) of Turkish origins, in addition to the base chemical compound that is known as the symbol (H2O2), and the so-called hydrogen dioxide. "
The source explained that the "compound is a viscous liquid is stable with a blue color baht consists of oxygen and hydrogen partial weight (34.01) and density (1.463 g / cc) and the melting temperature (43 degrees Celsius)," adding that "the high concentration of the compound to be unstable, with a pure liquid potentially explosive strongly if heated to a temperature (100 degrees Celsius), which is soluble in water in all proportions. "
The source continued, that "the commercial samples of the compound is usually in the form of aqueous solutions concentration does not exceed 3%," pointing out that "the development of the network in the organization added organic substance called (Alasitanilad) to disassemble the composite samples into water and oxygen, to preserve the last in bottles dark color and low temperatures. "
The source pointed out that "the network elements were able to prepare the material (above dioxide, hydrogen) in large quantities through the electrolysis of aqueous solutions of some other chemical compounds sold as normal markets," revealing that "these compounds are sulfuric acid, and the second potassium sulfate, and diammonium sulfate ".
The source added, "The organization is also able to prepare another installation by chemical acid interaction with peroxides and other such as sodium or barium, where he works on the oxide, hydrogen as a reductant and oxidizing agent also," stressing that "these structures interference implicit in improvised explosive devices and wheels industry bombs, local-made rockets by terrorist organizations. "
The organization (Daash) dominated the northern city of Mosul on the tenth of June 2014, and many of the provinces, but security forces were able to Tharirgalbah cities, as currently battling continuing to expel (Daash) from areas of Azlalt subject to his control, including the city of Mosul.

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