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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US official: Daash exploit the political crisis to challenge the Iraqi government



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US official: Daash exploit the political crisis to challenge the Iraqi government

Post by rocky on Thu 19 May 2016, 3:42 am


Wage regulation Daash in recent days offrequent attacks in Baghdad to prove not affected offensive ability , despite being subjected to pressures and falling in some areas in the north and west of Iraq. 
It seeks the organization through these attacks to reverse its image as a force able to attack in order todistract attention from the setbacks suffered by the regions scattered in Iraq in addition to distract the media from the defeats. 
bombings method adopted by the organization Daash and does not represent a new strategy, and is anessential way of attack and defense for years with this organization , which Tvjerath did not stop in Baghdad. 
said Patrick Skinner, a former officer in the Central intelligence agency and member of the "tinder advisory group" that " the organization aims to Baghdad because he is on the defensive and he can appeal against (Iraqi) government in the capital." 
he said Skinner "still use (bombs) to carry out attacks (...) but it is clear that there are those who make explosive belts Afajkh and cars in Baghdad, leading to the increasing incidence of massacres. " He Alcollenal Steve Warren , a spokesman for coalition forces battling al Daash led by Washington, that the losses suffered by the organization in the fighting areas pushed to the escalation of attacks in Baghdad. 
He said at the same time that the political crisis in Baghdad , "is a chance they can be exploited in order toblow wheels (vehicles) bomb "in the city. 
she lives Baghdad political crisis on the efforts of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to form a government of independent ministers technocrats rather than ministers linked Bohzabhm. 
He described Skinner recent breaches of security as" a combination of several outcome bloody factors. " He said that the elements of the organization is currently "under great military pressure as there is a political crisis , can they exploit to promote maximum chaos" in the country. 
And killed at least 94 people were killed and tens wounded in a wave of car bombs , including suicide hit Baghdad in mid - last week, as 48 people were killed , at least three attacks hit the city Tuesday. 
It seems clear the inability of the security forces to secure the protection of Baghdad fully blasts from suicide bombers. the 
security forces continue to use devices adulterated to detect explosives in Baghdad , despite a ruling in 2013 was sentenced to ten years in prison James McCormick , who sold the machines for Iraq, on charges offraud. 
the frequency Iraqi officials admit the failure of "detectors" so that the then Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki insisted that it was effective and it works. 
relies security forces on these devices, as an essential means to detect explosives and weapons at checkpoints in Baghdad, which are sometimes checked identity cards and searched cars while the weapons remain hidden. 
observers believe that reducing the number of bombings in Baghdad require big changes.

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