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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Advisers to the international coalition involved on the ground in eastern Mosul battles



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Advisers to the international coalition involved on the ground in eastern Mosul battles

Post by rocky on Mon May 30, 2016 3:00 am

Advisers to the international coalition involved on the ground in eastern Mosul battles

 BAGHDAD / long-Reuters 

The correspondent of Reuters news agency ,said he saw soldiers from the US - led coalition forces near the front line of attack by the Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq aims to restore a few villages from the grip of theorganization Daash to the east of their stronghold in the city of Mosul. The 
soldiers were seen carrying the armored vehicles outside the village of Hassan Shami a few miles east of thefront line yet. They asked the audience not to take pictures and spoke English but their nationality was not clear. 
Army Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for the alliance , which the United States led in Baghdad, said that " the United States and the coalition forces provide advice and support operations to help the Peshmerga forces." 
Launched the Peshmerga forces in the early hours on Sunday morning , an attack intended to take control of a group of villages located about 20 kilometers east of Mosul on the way to the city of Arbil , capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. 
and he could hear the sounds of fire and air strikes from a distance , while helicopters flew Apache. Akram Mohammed , a Kurdish officer in the village of Hassan Shami "and said the importance of liberalization ofthese villages lies in it is the first step to get closer to Mosul." He added , "It also will move the Daash for theKurdish region threats." This comes a day after US President Barack Obama 's confession, the deaths of three Marines in combat operations against al Daash in Iraq, and pointed out that the mission of US forces will remain confined within the framework of training and armament. 
And with the exception of that mission as "dangerous", he stressed that US troops stationed in Iraq posted according to a clear plan and careful study to defend the security of the United States. 
Obama said, in a statement to the newspaper (Stars and Stervs US), and I followed (range Press), " thethree American soldiers who belong to the power of the Marines, were killed during combat operations against organize Daash in Iraq. " 
He said Obama" Charles Keating and Joshua Wheeler and Sgt Lewis Cardin, were killed while they were supporting the local Iraqi forces in a confrontation with Daash , "adding that" the three soldiers sacrificed themselves in order to protect us from the enemy. " 
 He said US President "I spoke clearly in my capacity as commander in chief of the US armed forces, all our military mission against al Daash what is required and what is not of their tasks , " stressing that " themission of US troops will remain confined within the framework of training and arming the local forces in Iraq and Syria to help them in their battle against the terrorist organization. " 
He noted the US president that" the task of those dangerous forces have faced sometimes are conditions and situations of combat and that 's what got the three soldiers who were killed in Iraq , "and expressed the wish that" learning US troops that I sent them to the area for study and tan and not daredevil which is very essential to maintain our national security, has sent them in a clear mission and provided them with thenecessary support for the success of the mission. " 
the site (NBC News) news the US, revealed in ( the 19 of March 2016), the killing and wounding of four US military elements pounding to organize Daash targeted a military base in the district of drunken, south ofMosul (405 km north of Baghdad). It is 
noteworthy that the United States is leading an international coalition against al Daash, in Iraq and Syria, as shown further states his desire to participate in this campaign, after the threat increases regulation and theaccession number of the citizens of these countries to the ranks of the organization and the fear of returning to carry out operations within their own countries.

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