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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash narrows the Fallujans .. and edit Aesidetin in Nuaimiya



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Daash narrows the Fallujans .. and edit Aesidetin in Nuaimiya

Post by rocky on Wed 01 Jun 2016, 3:18 am

Daash narrows the Fallujans .. and edit Aesidetin in Nuaimiya

 BAGHDAD / AFP - Reuters 

A source from inside the city told AFP that "residents await the arrival of Iraqi troops to rescue them because they are living aconstant threat . " He said one of the workers at the main hospital in Fallujah , they had received reports of the killing of 32 civilians on Monday. She spoke to medical sources in thecity for the death toll in the city amounted to about 50 dead were 30 civilians and 20 militants during the first week of Alhjum.ooord Abu Mohammed al - Dulaimi , a citizen Vlogi "there is discontent among parents because they did not watch the security forces enter Fallujah so far. The treatment (elements Daash) of thepeople is getting worse day after day, they now feel panicked "with the progress of troops Alaracah.oadav that" Aldoaash are angry because they do not have the support of parents and took firing insults at people in the streets , "pointing out that" the parents put the worst ever before, they are caught between the heavy bombing of the Iraqi forces on the one hand the desperate and jihadists on the other hand , ".sv that armed men Monday , " the arrest of about a hundred men from different parts of the center of Fallujah and took them to an unknown destination ".ozkr officers in the Iraqi forces that" militants are recruiting men and boys to stand with them to meet the offer troops. and enable thousands of civilians to escape from the grip of thejihadists since the start of the process of liberalization of Fallujah night 22-23 of the current month, but from areas on the outskirts of the city. " It is likely that the fifty thousand civilians still trapped inside Almedinh.oukal Nasser Movlahi Council Norwegian Refugee director in Iraq , "with every moment pass and battles intensified, becoming a safe exits more embarrassing for the civilians trapped inside Fallujah . " In the meantime, in terms of Amiriyah local council announced in Anbar province, on Tuesday, that the security forces managed to free two women Aesidetin was held by the organization in Daash Nuaimiya area, south ofFallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), cleared through battles. The head of the Council of hand Amiriyah Fallujah, Shaker al - Issawi, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The combined forces during search and combing Nuaimiya district, (16 km south of Fallujah), having cleared managed to free two women Aesidetin was held by members of the organization in the region." Issawi said that " the two women were among thewomen Alaesideat who were abducted by the organization in the district of Sinjar and transferred to a number of control areas such as Fallujah , " stressing that "security forces Stzlmanma to the National Security Agency , who will hand them over to their parents." 
the Deputy parliamentary represents Yazidi minority in Iraq said Iraqi forces rescued two women from the grip of the Yazidis organize Daash in Fallujah. She thanked the MP Vian Dakhil army to rescue the two women on the official account on Twitter and wrote , "I pray to save the rest," he was quoted by Reuters. And thefamilies of militants who overran Daash Sinjar area of northwest Iraq during the summer of 2014 , more than five thousand Yazidi , most of them women and children. The organization Daash Yazidi minority devil -worshipers. Since that time , more than two thousand Yazidi or released after a ransom was paid or were rescued fled , but they do not know anything about the rest. 
The intruder in another tweet that a lot of the Yazidis are being held in prisons there.

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