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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Nineveh operations: the battle to liberate Mosul began to control the nine villages in March



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Nineveh operations: the battle to liberate Mosul began to control the nine villages in March

Post by rocky on Mon 20 Jun 2016, 3:49 am

Nineveh operations: the battle to liberate Mosul began to control the nine villages in March

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Confirmed Ninawa Operations Command, yesterday, that the liberation of the province has already begun on 25 March 2016 after clearing nine villages south of Mosul, 405 km north of Baghdad. 
In the meantime, the families of Nineveh demanded that the central government arming to be able to participate in the battles forliberation and the support of the army. 
The accelerated government Iraqi and pace of liberalization of Nineveh operations of the two axes, the first stems from Makhmour who take him based operations, and the second axis from northern Salahuddin toward Sharqat from. 
The Minister of defense Khalid al - Obeidi, Saturday, launching the second phase of the restoration of theprovince of Nineveh and the major cities of Mosul. He said al - Obeidi that " the operation was aimed at freeing Qayyarah and make it an anchor around Mosul." 
Comprises Qayyarah , located 60 km south of Mosul , an important security forces trying to control him to use an anchor for recovery operations Mosul. Military airport 
and was Obeidi farewell, last week, military pieces moved from Tikrit toward Sharqat to Almsg village away from the district center about 20 km. 
, said Firas Bashar, Director of Media command edit Nineveh operations in an interview with the (long -Presse), " the liberalization of Nineveh operations already launched on 25 March 2016, when it was liberated nine villages south of Mosul , "noting that" in the areas liberated the village of victory , which is one of themain strongholds of the Daash. " 
Bashar added that" the Iraqi army control of the village of the victory enabled him to cut most of theorganization Daash terrorist supply lines has an effect on morale and cause Ptkebedh large losses " He pointed out that these "operations were under the supervision of Ninawa operations command and infantry Division 15 and armored Division IX of the Iraqi army." 
He continued , spokesman for Nineveh operations that " the battle to liberate Mosul continuing under prepared by the joint Special operations command plan , " adding that " the liberation of the nine villages constitute aprelude to the storming of Mosul. " 
in a related development, the head of the unification of the clans of Nineveh Council Watban spears, in aninterview to the (long - Presse)," the liberalization of Nineveh process began, the day before yesterday morning, from the axis of Baiji sector north of Salah al - Din , "pointing out that " the security forces reached the outskirts of Shirqat spend north of Tikrit." 
He pointed spears that "there are other military units Mottaghvlh categorically drunk and the village of al - Haj Ali, continues to progress , building bridges to cross to the right side of the hand Qayyarah, south of Mosul." 
the head of the unification of the clans of Nineveh and the sheikh of the board Obeid tribe in the province that " the Iraqi army is implemented ongoing support of aviation coalition military operations , " calling on thegovernment to "arm the tribes of Nineveh to Tmemkn to participate in battles with the Iraqi army." 
a source in the leadership of Salahuddin province operations, Saturday June 18, 2016 that the first phase of liberalization regions operation in northern Salahuddin province has begun, indicating that the operation wasaimed to flush out pockets (Daash) of those areas and preparation for progress toward spend Sharqat. 
in the meantime, the Turkmen front confirmed, on Sunday, increasing concern Turkmens about their future administrative and political result of a "loss of confidence" between the ingredients and put projects "pots do not serve anyone." Front and expressed their willingness to form units clan to participate editing Mosul and Tal Afar. 
While the US Embassy called the sons component to unify their efforts in light of their exposure to the "earth -shattering violations" by (Daash). 
This came during a meeting between Prime Front MP Arshad al - Salihi, with the head of the political section at the embassy US in Iraq , Michael Snowden, and his team, at the headquarters of the embassy in central Baghdad, in order to "discuss the political and security recent developments in Iraq , " according to astatement to the Office of Salhi, received a (long - Presse) a copy of it. 
the cross - Salhi, during the meeting, expressed "growing concern Turkmens on administrative and political future in the region , "attributing it to a " loss of confidence between the plug and put the vessels of projects that do not serve anyone. " 
at the center of the last meeting, we discussed Salhi and Snowden edit Nineveh, where he stressed the need to " intensify the ongoing dialogue to ensure the participation of everyone in the process . " . 
the head of the Turkmen front said that " the Turkmen ready to form units clan under one banner in order toparticipate in the liberation of Mosul and Tal Afar." 
for his part, head of the political section of the US embassy Turkmen called for the need to "unite their efforts in this sensitive stage , especially after exposure to the earth - shattering violations by Al Daash terrorist. " 
the head of the Iraqi Turkmen front, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), in 14 of June , and that thefront called on the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to approve the formation of a tribal gathering of the people of Tal Afar to participate in the liberation of the judiciary 0.60 km west of Mosul, from Daash terrorist gangs.While among the front addressed the international coalition is also to help them in this regard, he stressed that the front has a list of thousand fighters of the displaced people of Tal Afar have shown their willingness to participate in the liberation of their rulings, including 500 security personnel from the police and the army and the rest of the volunteers who can be trained in a few weeks. 
The Turkmen are the third component in Iraq after Arabs and Kurds, has been hit many areas, such as Tal Afar, the control (Daash), they complain , since 2003 the "marginalization and exclusion and targeting" thedaily.

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