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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Destruction in Fallujah does not exceed 10% and damage were concentrated in the southern regions



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Destruction in Fallujah does not exceed 10% and damage were concentrated in the southern regions

Post by rocky on Tue 28 Jun 2016, 4:00 am

Destruction in Fallujah does not exceed 10% and damage were concentrated in the southern regions

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

Last area of Iraqi troops regained controlled organization Daash in the city of Fallujah on Sunday and announced that the General Command of the battle after more than amonth of fighting. 
Iraqi forces and reached the center of Fallujah last week , but its fighters remained holed upin some of the city west of Baghdad , including parts Golan neighborhood, restore Iraqi forces on Sunday. The town of Fallujah hour drive from Baghdad. 
The attack is part of a larger process of Iraqi forces against al Daash that swept through large areas of theterritory of the country in 2014. The US - led coalition and supports the attack with air strikes mostly. 
And gives success Fallujah operation , which was launched on 23 May, the strength a new driving Iraqi forces to regain control of the city of Mosul , the largest city "caliphate State", announced by the organization in Iraq and Syria campaign. 
the Prime Minister said Haider al - Abadi, as he stood in front of the main hospital in Fallujah , wearing amilitary uniform , black and waving the Iraqi flag, "as promised .. this is the Iraqi flag held high in Fallujah .. and we will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul, God willing. " 
many are surprised by the entry of Iraqi forces into the center of Fallujah quickly last week it expected a long battle. The Fallujah , the scene of the heaviest fighting in 2004 between the American occupation forces and al - Qaeda. 
A spokesman said the coalition that the US - led continuing to carry out air strikes in the intelligence support in Fallujah. 
He said Iraqi officers that the air strikes have killed most of the militants ahead of the advance of ground forces to cleanse the region of the remnants of the militants. The air strikes also to the formation of grooves in the main streets to prevent the infiltration of militants between neighborhoods. 
The military officials said the militants in the city of Fallujah, which was the first city to fall , however Daash in January 2014, appeared only limited resistance ended after he gave up some leaders from the battle. 
According to an Iraqi military source told AFP that the destruction of the city of Fallujah (50 km west ofBaghdad) by the military operations that took place in the face of the organization Daash fighters does not exceed 10%. 
the commander of the Fallujah operations Lt. Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi told AFP that " the battle ended by the destruction of infrastructure in Fallujah , no more than 10 percent were distributed in all areas of thecity." 
in a statement , the government - Iraqiya, al - Saadi said: "this fight is a cleaner battle cities in all of Iraq," in a veiled reference to the damage large inflicted cities Other expelled jihadists such as Tikrit and Ramadi. 
to that defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi , said on Twitter , "about 90% of Fallujah safe and habitable because we Bagtina Daash where they could not be destroyed , as happened in Ramadi and Sinjar." 
the hit parts of Fallujah and in particular lines South confrontation severely damaged by air strikes and artillery fire and landmines planted by the organization Daash. 
and settled many of the buildings , land or damaged beyond repair. And other facilities such as the stadium was hit near the city , which partially destroyed the middle, and burned dozens of homes but they still exist. 
Surrounded trenches and earth mounds many of the main themes in Fallujah. And the accumulation of rubble in the streets because of the clashes for weeks, along with covers of bullets and empty bottles of water. 
The morning Nomani, spokesman for the anti - terrorism forces , which led the attack, told Reuters that Iraqi forces are currently in the process of dismantling bombs and booby traps mounted in houses and chasing at the same time , gunmen slipped outside the city from the north - west. 
the combat units bombed Daash sites in Western parties Sunday afternoon while the dot around the city sounds bombings. 
and forced the fighting in Fallujah , more than 85 thousand of its inhabitants to flee to government - run camps stacked. The United Nations says it has received reports of allegations of ill - treatment of fleeing civilians of the city , including the allegations of abuses by members of the armed Shi'ite groups supporting the attack. 
He said Mayor Fallujah Issa al - Issawi told Reuters the displaced families may be able to return to the city within two months if the government and relief agencies provided international helping hand. " The city needs not only to reconstruction but also need to be serious rehabilitation of the community. 
The United Nations says it has received allegations of abuses against civilians who were leaving the city ,including violations committed by members of the Shiite militant group supports the attack under the umbrella of the popular crowd forces. 
it was the marginalization of the popular crowd forces that fought in the remote areas of the main attack in the center of Fallujah for fear that raises sectarian tensions in the city , which has a Sunni majority. but some units of troops appeared in the rows front yesterday visited the commander top battlefield. 
the two fighters dressed in military fatigues while they were on patrol in an area in the northwest on Sunday ,they belong to the Badr Organization, one of the most powerful Shiite factions , while counter - terrorism forces arrested three of the popular crowd forces fighters after allegations about their sabotage and arson.

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