Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed legal representative on Tuesday, about the presence of12,000 terrorist sentenced to death sentence has not been implemented , but only five of them afterthe bombing of Karrada. Said committee member Ibtisam al- Hilali in a press statement today: thatthe legal representative demanded earlier presidency soon ratify death sentences , especially since they are acquired become final of the Court of Cassation, stressing the need to ratify the death sentences by the Presidency of the Republic and sent to the Ministry of Justice , Hilali, adding thatthe delay in ratification of a negative impact on the security of Iraq through the escape of terrorists , in addition to that there are those who pay money to be smuggled .utabat Hilali that the state spent on large amounts of prisoners and this negatively affects the state budget. And that Iraqi prisons contain more than 33,000 prisoners of whom 12 000 terrorist sentenced to death has not been implemented , but only five of them after the bombing last Karrada.