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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Washington .. put the first touches of the provinces of the year compared to the expulsion of Daash



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Washington .. put the first touches of the provinces of the year compared to the expulsion of Daash

Post by rocky on Sun 10 Jul 2016, 5:03 am

Washington .. put the first touches of the provinces of the year compared to the expulsion of Daash

Monday 11-05-2015 | 3:39:05

Rafie al-Issawi. Archive .. m P
Twilight News / visiting leader of the Federation of Iraqi forces (Rafie al-Issawi, accompanied by the governor of Nineveh Liberation of Iraq and Washington two days ago, to meet with President Obama and members of Congress and some important political centers and the media.
Rafie al-Issawi, is considered the most prominent leaders who Tboooa senior positions, most notably the Ministry of Finance in the era of Nuri al-Maliki disagreed with him and then resigned, and remained in Anbar surrounded by tribal and civic groups supporting him.
The call came for the second time by Washington is like a tacit admission that a prominent Sunni Arab leaders.
The visit coincided with the approval of Congress for a project clans arming Sunni provinces and the province of Kurdistan in isolation from the central government, which sparked a negative feedback against Washington, which returned and said that reinforcement will be under the supervision of the government.
In a statement issued by the Office of al-Issawi he said the latter will meet with Obama, and discussions will focus on finding an urgent solution to the Sunni provinces .. referring to what is currently trading behind the guise of the White House to provide adequate supplies for the province of Anbar.
The statement quoted al-Issawi as saying that «all the current issues will go in front of the president or Congress to find a prompt solution to what is happening in Iraq and the Sunni provinces in particular».
Although Abadi showed great flexibility in convergence with the tribes and meet some of their demands, the sectarian separation between the two sides is still a big obstacle to national reconciliation he wants Abadi path.
Issawi, said from Washington ahead of a meeting with Obama «The most important requirements of this phase of the expulsion« Daash »of those provinces, delayed arming Sunni and Kurdish clans will exacerbate the situation worse, especially in Nineveh and Anbar».
This statement reflects the support of some leaders, led by al-Issawi, a project of Congress.
According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas, the al-Issawi and Nujaifi pledged to clean up Anbar and other provinces of «Daash» if Washington committed to supporting and arming the tribes, and stood to the side of the formation of al-Anbar province, which includes the five provinces.
The al-Issawi and the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi arrived Friday to Washington on a surprise visit raised sensitivity among the government, while the state media considered one of the US maneuvers to divide Iraqi society of sectarianism and devote.
In this meantime, Head of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Council of Salahuddin province, horses Sabhan Mulla said there was traded within the provincial council to re-launch the project region.
The provincial council has demanded the Iraqi government in 2011 to embark on a regionalization Salahuddin measures but the project failed due to procrastination led government at the time, Nuri al-Maliki.
He said horses for Twilight News that there are traded on the subject, but it needs to be a consensus within the Council and collective decision.
He added that "it also needs an agreement with the federal authorities."
After declaring the province of Salahuddin announced Diyala province is the other territory.
The smartest decision of the US Congress arming the Peshmerga and the year in the form of talk about provinces in Iraq separate states.
Iraq's constitution provides for the eligibility of any province declare the province without Alanvasal in Kurdistan otherwise given to the right to self-determination.
And it seeks the southern province of Basra to declare its territory as graciously motionless in a number of southern provinces to press towards the south of a unified project under the name Sumer province.
Alsaiah parties rejects a project of the regions in Iraq, unlike the Sunni parties that seek, most of them.

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