Arbil / News Network Iraq rejected the Kurdistan Democratic Party ( KDP ) , on Monday evening, formally requested the joint delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the MDC to hold a meeting between the two sides. The spokesman said the Democratic spokesman Mahmoud Mohamed in a press statement today: that his party refuses to meet the joint delegation Union and change categorically, after nearly two weeks of waiting in Arbil. Mohammed said that his party is ready to hold a meeting with a delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, adding that he does not accept to meet with the joint delegation. he justified Mohammed his party 's position that he previously Democrat demanded that the MDC has repeatedly contract joint meetings to discussand resolve the existing problems between the two sides, but the change had been refusing to do so.this position comes 24 hours after the announcement Ktlta Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and themovement for change parliamentary bloc integration and one in the Iraqi Council ofRepresentatives and in the provincial councils as well.