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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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American veto hindered edit Sharqat .. and "military mistakes" threaten the process of Mosul



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American veto hindered edit Sharqat .. and "military mistakes" threaten the process of Mosul

Post by rocky on Sun 24 Jul 2016, 2:49 am

American veto hindered edit Sharqat .. and "military mistakes" threaten the process of Mosul

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Iraqi officials revealed yesterday for " anAmerican veto" was shut down and break into the edit spend Sharqat, north of Salahuddin, over the past weeks. But increasing numbers of deaths among displaced people of the city, pressed for the abolition of the American reservations. 
 Official is expected in Sharqat that the liberation of the city begin the process during the next two days. 
In addition , officials in Mosul , alluded to the existence of "errors" in the liberation of their city process, revealing stop progress toward Qayyarah Center after two weeks of editing Qaeda strategy. the US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter has said, on the sidelines of the international coalition meeting, "this week will see the development of a final plan to defeat Daash, and whenever we defeated the organization in Iraq and Syria were the best conditions in the other countries of the world." from for his part, stressed Brett Macgor, the US envoy to the international coalition, he said that the "liberation of Mosul is near now, and should be preparing for something carefully." wrote defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, on his account in Twitter, on the eve of the meeting that " the battle to regain Mosul, which has gained a driving force since the restoration of Fallujah and base a northern air (Qayyarah), require information from intelligence and operations and the supply and support of engineered air strikes. " However, al - Obeidi, a native of Mosul, recognized the need for a political understandings on the attack and managing the post - exit regulation" Daash " , but can not guarantee that Iraq is able to achieve before the start of the battle. errors and military secrets and speaks Ali Khader, amember of the Nineveh provincial council, for "there are errors in the liberation of Mosul process , " but he refused to talk about the details because it is a "military secrets." but Khadr He stressed, in connection with the (range), that "military operations have stopped after the liberation of Qayyarah base", pointing out that Daash still in control of some villages located between the air cathode and the center hand Qayyarah. reveals local administrator for "the existence of a floating bridge and the only one between the two shores the Tigris River on the Qayyarah , "and that forces control a large area of operations is estimated at 6 km2. , says amember of the Nineveh provincial council , " I expect there is only 60 militants inside Qayyarah, while there isstill about 40 thousand people in the city center. " deviated joint forces, which liberalized air base, a little bit about the way the decree after the revealed parts of the military plan, a week before the attack, to surprise Daash inside the air base. the Qayyarah base, which lies 58 km south of Mosul, the largest strategic military bases and the estimated area of more than 6 square kilometers, as It includes two runways Airways, one ofthem is one of the longest military bleachers in the Middle East, with a length of up to 3800 m. local officials said, speaking for the (range) at the time, that "Daash destroyed those stands, but the engineering effort began a quick campaign to return to work , to develop materials Links sclerosis. " decided the military leadership, to stop editing Qayyarah a cross - axis Sharqat, after leaking details of the operation. He accused the prime minister, politicians and military leaders of being involved in it. The US objection revealed recently ,local officials in Salah al - Din, a plan of the Iraqi joint forces to return to the Sharqat from the northern axis ,rather than south axis. The joint forces exceeded Sharqat toward Qayyarah. He attributed Ahmed al - Azzawi, deputy head of the Council of Salahuddin province, the reasons for the delay storming Sharqat process to "no objection American", without giving more details on that objection. The Al - Azzawi (range) that " the veto may raise now, and that the joint forces in addition to the crowd of clans Sharqat be introduced during thenext 48 hours. " He noted local official said" bad humanitarian situation in Sharqat behind the lifting ofWestern objection to the restoration of the city. " and become Sharqat isolated after the liberation ofQayyarah base. Azzawi confirms that the registration of deaths among displaced people daily across thedesert areas to the north of Baiji, because of thirst. Revealed Vice Chairman Salahuddin province apology provinces of Kirkuk and Arbil for receiving the displaced. He pointed to the accumulation of large numbers of people in "Depkh" camp located between Qayyarah and drunk. He estimated Azzawi presence of small numbers of Daash inside Sharqat, after he left most of the leaders to Mosul. The number of people displaced from Sharqat towards Baiji to about 100 thousand people. It urged the joint forces, recently, North Sharqat residents to stay away from areas where militants, referring to the near break into the city from that axis. The organization Daash, recently mourned, Omar Chechen, military official in the organization, and the man who isclose to the organization 's leader , "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , " and said he was killed in the battles Balherquat.The sources expected in Salahuddin be Chechen came coming from Mosul to organize the ranks of fighters Daash, when he was killed in Sharqat. Iraqi authorities did not confirm the news of his death until themoment.

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