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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Post liberalization crowd Mosul excite political debate .. and the Fallujah scenario is unlikely



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Post liberalization crowd Mosul excite political debate .. and the Fallujah scenario is unlikely

Post by rocky on Sun 31 Jul 2016, 3:16 am

Post liberalization crowd Mosul excite political debate .. and the Fallujah scenario is unlikely

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

I jumped the political differences and the crisis of displaced people to the liberation of Mosul ,scene, as it continues to Nineveh operations command urging the residents to stay in their homes. 
The befuddled about 30 thousand displaced people, who fled from the villages south of Mosul at northern Salahuddin, the government and local authorities efforts, according to officials there. According to local and international expectations to the displacement of a million people from their areas during the coming weeks and months with the start of the wheel Altharir.oaly operations side of the controversy over the participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul process, the Peshmerga forces refuse to withdraw from thenorthern areas of the city, which says it was liberated by the "blood" . 
Peshmerga Ministry confirmed that its troops will not withdraw from areas, which put a temporary as a map to the process of liberalization of Mosul. 
the ministry said in a press statement, " We must be determined to withdraw through an agreement between the Kurdistan Regional government and the central government, and not according to the unilateral plan by the Iraqi government." 
Peshmerga and stressed that "this part of the Convention does not in any way mean that the Peshmerga forces to withdraw from those areas that have been freed two years ago, and withdraw only be from within the city of Mosul." 
and threatened the Peshmerga to "stop the joint coordination with the Iraqi forces in case I felt the presence of the treatment , including to Atliq championships Peshmerga and sacrifices grave. " 
The Ministry of defense has issued, last week, issued a statement about the military agreement between theUnited States and the Kurdistan region. And saying that "This agreement was approved by the Iraqi government, as part of the financial support will push America portion of the salaries of the Peshmerga." 
She noted that " the Peshmerga forces will withdraw from the liberated areas of the province of Nineveh, as these areas are used in accordance with a temporary program for the liberation of Mosul process . " 
in mid - July, the KRG signed with the US Department of defense protocol on military cooperation between thetwo sides in Arbil, includes a provision of the US military and financial aid worth 450 million dollars for thePeshmerga forces until the end of the war against al Daash. 

liberated the Nineveh plain blood 
said Mmousine, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic party in Mosul, " the peshmerga liberated Nineveh plain contested areas, blood and would not withdraw it." 
He added Mmousine, in connection with the (range), that " the Peshmerga forces, not for rent, and they aresubject to the direct orders of the county leader Massoud Barzani." 
the differences between Baghdad and Erbil about editing Mosul, floated on the surface, on the back ofconfirmation defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi said Baghdad would not allow the Peshmerga forces toparticipate in the liberation of Mosul or enter the city, according to what reported by "Reuters". 
the Ministry of defense, two days after the statement, an explanation did not deny the remarks, but said that " the information reported by Reuters inaccurate." The statement added that "... the participation of combat troops, whatever their denomination, will take place according to military plans in place and the decision of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces." 
But Abnaan Jarba, the local official in Mosul, told the (range) that "Mosul 's residents welcome theparticipation of the Peshmerga forces, because they liberated 40 percent of the province area, we did not see then any effort to the Baghdad government in that. " 
and was able to Peshmerga forces, over a year and a half, supported by Air Alliance international, to grab nearly 13 area between the small town and village in the plain of Nineveh, Sinjar and Rabia areas. These include the areas of Arab towns, mixed and other populated by Kurds and Arabs , Muslims and Christians, aswell as the Yazidi minority areas. The 

crowd: ideals Similarly 
contrast MP Abdulrahman Alloizi believes that " the decision to post the Peshmerga in the liberation of Mosul will push the popular crowd to claim the same. 
He adds Alloizi, in an interview for (range), "at that time one can not blame the crowd, because the Shiite city of Tal Afar , " but he is likely to "re - Fallujah scenario again in Mosul, that the crowd on the edge ofAlmedinh.oothar Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi stays, during its last meeting with members of the Nineveh provincial council in Baghdad, the issue of the participation of the popular crowd at restoring Mosul process. 
he said Jarba, one of the participants in the meeting , which was held last week, " the government of Nineveh previously decided not to share the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul process." 
but according to a member of the provincial council Nineveh, the local government "will not reject any effort to eliminate Daash, may allow the survival of the crowd outside the city." 
attribute Jarba decision to prevent the entry of the crowd to the importance of the participation of the people of Mosul in the editing process, stressing saying , "If you do not share're going to blame, and we are accused we left our city . " . The 
Government of Nineveh and aspires to join about 15 thousand volunteers from the province to the ranks of the popular crowd. But Abnaan Jarba reveals "recording thousand fighters based in southern Mosul , officially."
Indicates local administrator to be "conservative student Abadi Council, during the last meeting, seriously accept volunteers and that there will be international supervision of trained and equipped." 
In spite of the formations clans Jabour, flames, and Sbaaoyen, in southern Mosul, the "harpoon head" in theliberation of a number of areas there, but officials say they are without salaries, and fighting personal withtheir weapons. 

edit Mosul date 
it does not have a definite date yet for the start of the restoration of Mosul process Daash, Bastnthae timeframe announced by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , who confirmed that 2016 would be the end ofDaash. 
Western diplomats have revealed recently that al - Abadi wants to enter Mosul in October. But American officials express fear of an attempt by US President "accelerate the attack on Mosul , " before the US presidential election in November. 
And stopped military operations, after the liberation of the strategic Qayyarah base, about 65 kilometers south of Mosul. 
He says Abnaan Jarba that " United States No. difficult political equation in Iraq, and we need them in theliberation of Mosul process because of the high technology that they have. " 
Washington announced recently that it will send 560 military additional to Iraq to help in the planning of therestoration of Mosul. 
, says MP Alloizi that" intelligence cooperation air support that would be provided by US forces in Mosul process to restore irrefutable about it, "but it is likely there is a disagreement about the participation ofunexpected ground for US troops. He points out that "US forces were close to the restoration of Sinjar battles and participated ground in the Nineveh Plain battles where one soldier was killed." 
Reveals Alloizi about the possibility of the use of artillery by US forces at the Battle of Mosul from drunken base , which includes artillery couch ready for battle. " 
The attention of the Attorney Nineveh to the ambiguity of the Turkish position sustenance, located north ofMosul, and to rule out the existence of an agreement with the troops 
Alamarkih to participate in the battle of Mosul.

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