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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army frees hand newborn and Bomber border, despite the destruction of infrastructure Daash



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Army frees hand newborn and Bomber border, despite the destruction of infrastructure Daash

Post by rocky on Thu 04 Aug 2016, 7:37 am

Army frees hand newborn and Bomber border, despite the destruction of infrastructure Daash

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Announced Qaimmqamah wet spend in Anbar province, on Wednesday, for cleansing hand newborn and Bomber border with Syria, western Anbar province, 110 km west ofBaghdad, while confirming the deaths ofdozens of members of al - Daash during thebattles. 
The imposition of organizing Daash control of the newborn port 27/5 / in 2015 following the withdrawal ofsecurity forces from the port and heading to Trebil border with Jordan. 

said Imad torch, Mayor of wetlands in an interview (range Press), " the forces joint of the fourth regiment in border guards and army troops and fighters of the crowd of tribal and support from coalition aircraft, able , yesterday morning, the cleansing hand newborn and border port newborn with Syria in the humid spend, (440 km west of Anbar) , "noting that" the operation resulted in the deaths of dozens of members of al - Daash. " 
torchlight" the organization Daash dawn of a number of civilian houses and members of the army and police in the hand newborn before fully cleared with the destruction of drinking water desalination plant and sabotage all the service departments in the district , "pointing out that" the pieces of combat continuing to inspect hand newborn and Bomber border to deal with the rest of the pockets of the organization (Daash). " 
the official said the security to " The security forces were able to almost the evacuation of 500 families in terms of areas of newborn 440 km west of Anbar, after cleared of elements of al - Daash and taking them to safe areas." 
torchlight " The families who have been evacuated from the hand newborn western Anbar zones, are areas ofAlbu life and Alasma Armizan and the village. " He pointed out that "these families will be returned to their areas after fully improvised and booby - trapped houses secured and to make sure the names of civilians with security information base for the arrest of proving its association with the terrorist organization." 
The wet Mayor that "government committees went to hand newborn liberated to provide food and medical supplies to civilians who have been evacuated with the demanding international and humanitarian organizations need to support and Asnadhm they need. " 
in the context of the ongoing in Anbar military developments, the Council of Khalidiya spend in Anbar province, announced on Wednesday, the discovery of four women from the families of the organization (Daash) during a search of the island regions of operations Khalidiyah, east of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), as he emphasized that the next few days will witness the return of the displaced to their areas. 
Ali Dawood, chairman spend Khalidiya in an interview (range Press), " the security forces were able, yesterday afternoon, the found four women from the families of the elements of the organization (Daash) comb through and inspection Khalidiya Island liberated areas of operation, (20 km east of Ramadi), noting that " the women of the inhabitants of the nearby city of Mosul areas left by the elements of the organization after their escape from the island." 
He continued David , that " the security forces are continuing the process of securing Khalidiya island areas and keeping the land liberated", pointing out that " the next few days will announce the beginning of thereturn of IDPs to their areas and provide services and rehabilitation projects affected by the terrorist attacks." 
in the meantime, the leadership of the popular crowd at the accused Anbar domestic political parties in theprovince to "disrupt" the return of the displaced to the vine spend, east of Fallujah , 62 km west of Baghdad, for "rigging" the next local elections. 
Colonel Juma panic Jumaili, commander of the brigade vine Fallujah in an interview with (long - Presse), the "internal political views in Anbar hinder the return of displaced persons to the vine spend zones, liberated more than three months , " noting that "those areas has been fully secured and restore most of the services to it." 
He accused Jumaili "those actors seeking to rig the upcoming local elections , which remain on the conduct about seven months by working to delay the return of displaced persons , "adding that" security forces succeeded in clearing areas of vine Fallujah over the past months and worked on the maintenance of the land and the rehabilitation of drinking water pumping and treatment of improvised explosive devices and booby -trapped houses stations. " 
the security official said" the crowd fighters clan came more than five martyrs and four wounded during thedismantling booby - trapped houses to secure the return of the displaced to their areas. "

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