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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kirkuk's Arabs: We do not oppose the participation of the crowd and the Peshmerga liberalization of



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Kirkuk's Arabs: We do not oppose the participation of the crowd and the Peshmerga liberalization of

Post by rocky on Sun 07 Aug 2016, 3:40 am

Kirkuk's Arabs: We do not oppose the participation of the crowd and the Peshmerga liberalization of Hawija

BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

He called on Arab and Kurdish figures clan in the province of Kirkuk, on Saturday, to speed up the liberalization of Hawija, southwest of the province, and the rest of the southern areas of the province and west from thecontrol of the organization (Daash), and securing safe havens for fugitives from them. 
In the meantime, the tribe of slaves leader 's intention to reveal organization to commit a massacre against the 100 thousand civilians trapped in Hawija. 
the organization held Daash in Hawija , 3,000 people tried to flee the city. As it reported by the United Nations. 
The controlled organization "Daash" on the south and west of Kirkuk since last June 2014. Said Sheikh Osman Zangana of the elders of the Kurdish tribes, through a joint gathering of Arab tribes and Kurdish in Kirkuk, held yesterday attended (range Press), " The assembly came to its firm position supporting the security services and the management of the province of Kirkuk and the Peshmerga forces in their efforts to serve Alkaragokyin and protect displaced people." Zangana said that " the representatives of the Arab and Kurdish tribes demanded the need to preserve the lives of families fleeing from Hawija and the rest of the west of Kirkuk, and securing safe havens her . " For his part , Hassan Abdel Nassif Alkdhaoui said, the elders clan Arab Alkdah, said that "Kirkuk 's Arabs do not mind sharing the crowd popular Peshmerga in the liberation of thesouthern province and western parts of Daash terrorist gangs areas , "praising" the position of the Kurdish tribes and positions inherent in Kirkuk and relief to the displaced people fleeing terror " in turn , Sheikh Ismail Hadidi said, a leader in the Arab Council of Kirkuk," the Council does not mind sharing the crowd popular Peshmerga with the army and police in the liberation of the usurped areas of Daash, in partnership with its residents , "adding that" liberating the land and defeat Daash gangs terrorist is the ultimate goal for all. " 
in a related context, said Amir tribes slaves in Iraq , Anwar al- Assi said in an interview to the (long - Presse ), " the organization Daash is about to commit a massacre of hundreds of civilians who failed to escape from Hawija earlier." He called on the Orontes the central government to " take immediate action to liberate thejudiciary and rescue trapped civilians in the elimination of its more than 100 - thousand, and those who suffer inhuman conditions is very critical." He called tribal sheikh slaves, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , "issued amilitary decision to liberate the judiciary and save its citizens from the grip of the organization Daash , " stressing the need to "edit Hawija , before heading for the Liberation of Mosul, the fact that the organization take to eliminate a center for the management of attacks targeting the joint forces in the regions Hamrin and Tuz and fields and Ajil Alas, the drunken areas and Baiji. " 
in the meantime, the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk province received 600 people have fled the district of Hawija.The director of Displacement and Migration Department in Kirkuk Ammar al- Sabah said in an interview to the(long - Presse), " The Peshmerga forces received, earlier, 600 people have fled the district of Hawija, west of the province , which is under the control of the organization Daash , " noting that " the fugitives were taken to a camp Nzeraoh, east of Kirkuk, and has been providing food aid to them. " 
Sabah said that" the number of displaced families in the province of Kirkuk , now stands at 113 thousand families , "referring to the determination of " constituency creating three camps in preparation for thereception of displaced Hawija and respects after the start of editing operations. "

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