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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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600 Kyrgyz joined Bdaash in Iraq and Syria



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600 Kyrgyz joined Bdaash in Iraq and Syria

Post by rocky on Mon 08 Aug 2016, 3:22 am

600 Kyrgyz joined Bdaash in Iraq and Syria

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

It revealed the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, for enrollment of about 600 citizens, the ranks of the organization Daash in Iraq and Syria. She stressed that among the 100 women newcomers. As indicated to the deaths of more than 70 Kyrgyzstan, during the battles they fought to in previous years.
Said Rachad Suleymanov, spokesman for the Kyrgyz general for national security, in a press statement, followed up (range Press), said that "more than 600 citizen Kyrgyz, may have joined the ranks of the organization Daash in Iraq and Syria," he said ,"including 100 women." 
He added Suleymanov, said that "more than 70 citizen Kyrgyz, was killed during the battles fought within theranks of the organization in Iraq and Syria over the past years , " pointing out that "some 20 people, he returned to Kyrgyzstan after attending to those battles." 
the Kyrgyz authorities, indicated earlier , that about 500 citizens of Kyrgyzstan, have joined the ranks of theorganization Daash in Iraq and Syria. 
this comes at a time when the security agency Indian revealed its cooperation with Kuwait to the arrest of acitizen involved recruited four young Indians and facilitate their enrollment Bdaash to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq and Syria. 
the agency said investigations Indian national NIA in a report on Saturday, the report by India India news, and I followed (range Press), " the Kuwaiti authorities arrested a suspect , Abdullah Hadi Abdul Rahman Al Anzi, linked to al Daash terrorist in Kuwait city , the capital , " noting that "Anzi official for smuggling four young people from the Indian city of Kalyan to Iraq to join al - Daash, during the 2014 year. " 
the agency added that" Anzi Mall both young Indians no doubt glorious Hahim Tanki and Aman Tandil, Fahad Sheikh for $ thousand in May of 2014 as a prelude to incarcerate them in one religious trips to Iraq at the time where he joined the organizing Daash and disappeared for the rest of the tourist trip individuals ,"indicating that" the young Uribe (21 years old), he returned to his hometown in India in November 2014, where he was arrested by the agency elements, and made testified during investigations of sympathy following the organization Daash in Iraq with them and provide them with financial assistance. " 
the Indian Agency, that it" provided the Kuwaiti security authorities of the activities carried out by the Anzi ,according to information received that benefit, which helped in the arrest and Aatervh later recruited four young people from the city of Kalyan and to provide them with money. " 
She explained the agency Indian national investigations, that" the investigations carried out with the young Uribe, revealed that he received training by militants from Daash to become fida'i or a suicide bomber ,"pointing out that" Uribe failed to make it three times before fleeing back to India. " 
the agency said," the young man the other Hahim Tanki, was killed during the implementation of suicide bombings in Hasaka region, northeast of Syria, earlier in August now , "noting that" the other two young men, safety Tandil, Fahad Sheikh, were still in Syria, where recently at a video posted on social networking sites. "

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