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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The anger of the Kurdish street against Iran after having executed "20" Kurd, Sunni and why !!



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The anger of the Kurdish street against Iran after having executed "20" Kurd, Sunni and why !!

Post by rocky on Mon 08 Aug 2016, 8:05 am

The anger of the Kurdish street against Iran after having executed "20" Kurd, Sunni and why !!
08-08-2016 02:09 PM    
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Orbit News -
Seethed Kurdish street in Kurdistan against the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Iranian authorities executed 20 Kurdish Sunni including calling the famous (Shahram Ahmadi), who was executed on charges of forming a threat to the regime, despite local calls and international, which demanded the Iranian authorities retrial and non-implementation of the death penalty, and back down, but the Iranian authorities insisted on its position and carried out the death penalty.
Citizens and condemned in the Kurdistan region practices repressive ongoing Iranian regime towards the Kurds in Iran and called for human rights and international organizations to intervene to stop the bleeding and put an end to the Iranian government practices that Ptosifhm rely on the Kurdish street filter in Iranian Kurdistan jurists, activists and thinkers, and executed fabricating many of the charges , citizens of the Kurdistan Regional Government and asked to intervene and ask the Iranian authorities to stop the repressive practices in the Kurdish provinces in the Kurdistan of Iran.
In this context, a Kurdish writer Sirwan Farooq said Sulaimaniyah province «that the Kurds in Iran suffer from three types of injustice: First injustice national because they are Kurds, not of Persian nationalism, which ruled the country, and thus are discriminated inserter by the authorities, particularly in government positions, and secondly: injustice sectarian because the majority of the Kurds in Iran, the Sunni sect opposed to the Shiite sect and this caused the repression continuously by the Islamic Republic of Iran since the beginning of the Islamic revolution when he (Khomeini) Petkverhm launched a massive campaign for them and to now where executions going on against the Kurds preachers on various charges fabricated and incorrect in order to intimidate the Kurdish people in Iran, and injustice third: it is the injustice of the class. as the Kurds in Iran are considered to be the lower layer and thus exposed to all sorts of caste discrimination and deprivation of rights and services due to this matter »

Choman dry activist, said that the Iranian regime almost to ignite a war with Saudi Arabia because of an influential Shiite execution, while she executes dozens of Sunnis day without worrying about the Sunni feeling in the region and this shows the duality of the Iranian regime.

He also said «The Iranian regime follow a policy which the execution of Kurdish activists on charges of blasphemy and heresy and fight Allah and His Messenger, because they know that the majority of the Kurdish community devout and committed to Islamic rites even earn public sympathy, but these methods have become useless and there was a perception and public awareness that all of Ahatunh the Iranian regime is a reform seeks to change.

Observers believe that the increase in capital cases against the Kurds in Iran due to the fear of the Iranian authorities of the Kurdish uprising in the Kurdish areas after it returned some factions armed activity, especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which resumed military activities against the Iranian army after more than 20 years stopped, and the other reason is improved put the Kurds in the region, particularly Iraq, Syria and thus Vokrad Iran feel the need for mobility and change and access to their situation to the higher than the level they are at now, and this poses a threat to the Iranian authorities and regards it as a threat to national security, and is ready to face these movements and activities with full force and violence to close any motionless in front of the door of a Kurdish future.

The Kurds make up 10% of the total population in Iran which approximately five million people and most of them follow the Sunni sect, and the first Kurdish Republic was established in Iranian Kurdistan by Kurdish leader (Judge Muhammad) in 1946 and its capital Mahabad but collapsed after about ten months.

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