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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Deputy for Kirkuk: Daash executed 112 citizens of Hawija



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Deputy for Kirkuk: Daash executed 112 citizens of Hawija

Post by rocky on Tue 09 Aug 2016, 3:23 am

Deputy for Kirkuk: Daash executed 112 citizens of Hawija

KIRKUK / long-Presse 

 Deputy warned about Kirkuk 's Arabs, the exposure of residents of Hawija for "genocide" as a result of "crimes" committed by Daash against them and the execution of hundreds of them and prevent them from Amoadrh.oukal MP from Kirkuk , Mohammed Tamim province, in an interview with (long -Presse), " The gangs Daash executed two young residents of Hawija, was shot dead, in the landfill area, near the entrance to the judiciary, on charges of belonging to security forces , "adding that" the four families fleeing towards the Hamrin Mountains, including women and children, were killed the day before yesterday morning, without the knowledge of their number, as a result of falling ambushes and mines planted by theorganization to prevent the escape of Hawija ".oaattabr Tamim that" what is happening Bahoijh constitutes ahumanitarian disaster requiring immediate action by the Prime Minister and commander in chief of the armed forces, Haider al - Abadi, to launch the editing process , "noting that" the last four days I saw the Daash gangs terrorist execution of 112 civilians innocent of Hawija sons and hundreds of arrests as they tried toescape from the judiciary and the aspects of him. " 
explained MP from Kirkuk 's Arabs that" the people of Hawija , passing large plight of the result of water, electricity, medicine, food and siege loss ", appealing to the international community and coalition operations common " take immediate action to liberate Iraqis Hawija breadbasket and save their people from genocide which they are exposed." 
in contrast, the civilians who managed to escape a difficult humanitarian conditions in the village of pilgrims in Baiji due to lack of assistance they receive from the government and relief organizations live. As reported byobservers. 
According to a Kurdish security source said , in an interview with (long - Presse), that " the six families of Arab composed of 33 civilians including women and children managed to escape from the control of theorganization Daash areas to screens Peshmerga village glomerulus of the district of Dibs northwest of Kirkuk ." He added the source said in an interview to "long - Press" that "Peshmerga welcomed families and provided them food and water and were transported to camps displacement in the east of the city of Kirkuk." 
in a related context, the leadership of the Peshmerga in Kirkuk province, announced Monday, for repelling thePeshmerga forces attack to organize Daash, on two villages in the south of Krkk.oukal commander ofoperations room south of Kirkuk , Peshmerga and Sta Messenger in an interview (range Press), " the strength of the second regiment brigade 134 Peshmerga clashed at dawn yesterday, with members of al - Daash, after trying to attack on our forces in the villages of Humera and redundancy south of Kirkuk , "noting that" thePeshmerga forces managed to deal with the attackers . "He added the Messenger" the clashes resulted in thekilling of a number of elements Daash while others fled, without causing any injury to the ranks of thePeshmerga forces. "

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