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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Before the battle of Mosul .. Christians are demanding the establishment of the province for them in



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Before the battle of Mosul .. Christians are demanding the establishment of the province for them in

Post by rocky on Wed 28 Sep 2016, 4:06 am

[size=37]Before the battle of Mosul .. Christians are demanding the establishment of the province for them in the Nineveh Plain[/size]

BAGHDAD - The Journal News 
called for a number of Christian population displaced from the province of Nineveh province to establish them in the Nineveh Plain regions. A number of the displaced Christians in Kurdistan , their unwillingness to stay within the administrative borders of the territory of theprovince, due to lack of access to their rights and entitlements , like the rest of thecomponents of Iraqi society in the city, according to the saying.
Many Christians ascribe to the establishment of the province for them in the Nineveh Plain is to keep their identity and their presence in Iraq after what they suffered from qualifying and forced displacement over the past years, stressing that they will not return to Mosul until after the establishment of the province of the respondents collect and preserve their identity to avoid exclusion and marginalization in the future and they noted that they're going to internationalize their cause if the Iraqi government and parliament did not approve the request, and that their areas are under international trusteeship to avoid repeating what happened to them in the city in the control of the organization.
MP in the Iraqi parliament Kanna said: «Christians feel in Iraq that they are second-class because of what they have suffered from exclusion and marginalization of the killings, the latest being forced displacement operations in Mosul and other Iraqi provinces», stressing the need to create a plain of Nineveh province to ensure their survival in Iraq .
He declined at the same time to be conservative Christians only, and said: "Nineveh Plain is a mixture of Muslims and Christians, Shabak, Yazidis, and can not be conservative given component, but will represent all Musli components of society who can live at peace with," he said.
The source indicated that the «Nineveh province, has a population and geographic density is very large, it is better that there be a new province, given what has happened in the Nineveh plain areas of the prejudice and marginalization of the poor and services over the past years», he said.
Iraqis believe that the establishment of the province in the Nineveh Plain will open the door to other components of the Yezidis and Turkmen and other minorities in the city who are also demanding to have their provinces in Tall Afar, Sinjar like the plain of Nineveh, and that this is the beginning of dividing the city along ethnic and sectarian and open conflicts in the future, especially since the city is still under the control of state regulation, and such statements would delay the processes of liberalization, it is best to leave it to the central government in Baghdad to look into the feasibility of establishing the provinces of whether or not until after the liberation of the city under the control of the organization «State» since the tenth of June / June 2014.anthy

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