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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Abadi directs a radio address to the people of Mosul: Be prepared and cheered



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Abadi directs a radio address to the people of Mosul: Be prepared and cheered

Post by rocky on Wed 05 Oct 2016, 3:21 am

[ltr]Abadi directs a radio address to the people of Mosul: Be prepared and cheered[/ltr]

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Presse - October 4 / October:the face of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Tuesday, a radio address to the people of Mosul, onthe radio - oriented city, calling on the people of thecity to cooperate with the security forces in theupcoming battles. He also called Abadi , the peopleof Mosul to "prepare and Alastbashar, it has approached the promise came Truth and falsehood, "noting that " we have decided and determined to purge all the land of Iraq from Daesh and check this resolution and victory , "adding" you are today closer than ever to get rid of oppression and injustice and the oppression of Daesh. "Here is thetext of the word radio that her face Abadi for thepeople of Mosul: in the name of God the Merciful O Mosul sons Dear brothers .. sisters in every house of Nineveh dear: Here today we are close to you and you are close to us and victory is near the help of God. Dear in Mosul humpback: We have liberated all the cities Iraq gang Daesh .. and the provincesof Salaheddin, Anbar and win big will be completed soon and we will celebrate with you here in Mosul, and we will raise theflag of Iraq 's central Mosul as we raised in Qayyarah and Sharqat and kissed her on top of Baiji and Tikrit, Ramadi, Fallujah and much of cities and villages that have returned to the bosom of Iraq and its people. return Nineveh to people of all sects and nationalities, religions and sects, the Iraqis coexistence on the land of Mosul before stealing gang Daesh this city and deformation of life and religious, intellectual and cultural diversity was known by this city while Christian and Muslim inhabited by the Yezidi and Assyrian and networking and all Iraqis, and before he committed gang terror Daesh the ugliest crimes of murder, genocide and mass abductions of women and innocent children, and experiencing districts and the areas and villages of the Nineveh plains and mountains and valleys of the ugliness of these brutal crimes that do not spare one. if the Daesh shattered effects, mosques and churches Nineveh to blur the civilization, the man who came to edit it to is able to Nineveh builds new popularized Majrepetth this criminal gang that underestimated the blood and sanctities and tarnished Islamis a religion of love, peace and tolerance. Be prepared and cheered esteemed Iaahlna in Mosul has approached promise came Truth and falsehood, we have decided and determined to purge all the land of Iraq from Daesh and check this decision victory .. and today you soon than ever to get rid of oppression and injustice and the oppression of Daesh. The world looks to thevictories of the Iraqi forces and the sacrifices and selfless bravery respect and appreciation and admiration .. and with the same vigor and determination, enthusiasm and confidence in victory advanced youth today 's Iraq towards the liberalization ofMosul and sacrifice their lives in defense of the rights and the land supply and the holy sites. We recommend that Taataaonowa with your troops and the Iraqi army hero in all its types and formations also collaborated brethren with them in the liberated cities. O sons of Mosul DEAR day advance and tomorrow , we win together and we work together to restore life, services and stability to every city and Garih..osntaaon to spread peace, love and tolerance among everyone and will not be for criminals place between you, the time to Nineveh to win and Anne for all Iraqis to celebrate an Iraq clean of Daesh It is all obscurantist thought sows evil and destruction in the land of Mesopotamia beloved. tribute to the martyrs of Iraq and for the wounded andfor each fighter and Mujahid for the liberation of his people and his homeland. and a tribute to the men of Mosul and women and elders and children .. and to - date with the great victory and the near encounter, God willing , and able. victory from Godand opening soon and people who believe in peace and God 's mercy and blessings be upon you ... .anthy Q

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