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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Links Centre for Research and Strategic Studies .. the battle of Mosul: tugging regional



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Links Centre for Research and Strategic Studies .. the battle of Mosul: tugging regional

Post by rocky on Fri 07 Oct 2016, 3:45 am

Links Centre for Research and Strategic Studies .. the battle of Mosul: tugging regional
Wrote: October 7, 2016

On October 2016 1 , select Turkish President (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) features of Turkish foreign policy in front of the Turkish Parliament, Talking about the evolution of the political and military conditions on the ground in Iraq , pointed to the battle of Mosul ,coming by saying (he objected to the participation of sectarian militias, which means the militias popular crowd because they They are trying to play the same tricks in Mosul , which also do thekilling and intimidation, displacement and change the demographic and ethnic inside Syrian territory) and link between them and terrorist methods by the Turkish workers ' Party , adding (we will continue in our efforts to prevent any ethnic and sectarian clashes in Mosul). 
in an interview to the Turkish Prime with the channel (Rotana) Saudi Arabia stressed that it (careful not to let in any sectarian sovereignty over Mosul , because the only goal cleared of Daesh) confirmed that the connector for the people of Mosul and Tal Afar is not entitled to a come and enters these areas and Mosul are after only released to her family from the Arabs , Turkmen and Kurds. 
In a careful reading of the minutes of the statements of President Erdogan and set of new features for internal and external policy of the Turkish government , which pursued by Arab and Akulaimba and risks Staischha this region we can identify the most important the following points: 
1.hdd Turkish President risk move that aspiration of the popular crowd forces which has an Iranian scheme seeks to implement itbecause of the dominance and the Iranian influence in Iraq and its impact on the Iraqi political decision. Iranian hands are working hard to not continue Turkish relations - Iraqi positively and always working to move its allies inside Iraq fomenting sectarian sectarian strife in determining these paths relationship. Turkish President on the eligibility of the people of Mosul to live in peace and harmony and tolerance and social fabric uniform was the main feature that characterized the Musli community inearlier decades when select the features of this relationship coherence of Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds and is a clear signal to maintain the province of Nineveh , and one without any project to be divided and fragmented. All Turkish government allies of the United States of Arab and European and Odol to participate in the protection of Iraq and its cities, particularly the city of Mosul of the next evil her and sought by the popular crowd forces and the need to prevent their participation and presence in the battle to liberate Mosul. 
5.ohmah to mention Turkish President city of Tal Afar , in his speech to the Turkish parliament comes from being the largest Iraqi judiciary and the proportion of the Turkmens living in peace and security with all the inhabitants of the elimination of different nationalities and denominations and knows the fact targets sectarian and aspirations sought by Iran Bodoadtha of the popular crowd control and presence within this judiciary fighters thepretext of protecting (Turkmen Shiites) , which features a virtual goal, but the fact that it falls within the two important points are: 
a. Iran is close to the Iraqi border area - the Syrian and contributes to send fighters from volunteer participants in the popular crowd of Iraqi battalions and volunteers Shiite Afghans, Pakistanis and supplying the Syrian regime with weapons and ammunition in astreamlined and freedom of movement. 
B.alsatrh on Tal Afar military airport which is one of the most important important military sites in the province of Nineveh ,which will facilitate the movement of advisors and senior officers of Iranian fighters and volunteers from Baghdad airport to the Afar military airport and facilitate their entry into Syrian territory to support the Iranian expansionist project and protect the ruling political system in Syria. the presence of the Turkish workers Party inside Iraqi territory became things straightforward and fight through a series of military clashes are still taking place in the surrounding areas and near Sinjar district and within the terms of Rebiya the northern city of Mosul , and this poses a security deeper threatens Turkish national, national security , and therefore that thepresence of this party and its fighters who will fight side by side with People crowd fighters if they enter the Afar spend limiting hand Rabia by Alaaadih area and because of the strong relationship between the Labour Party Baghdad government financial and military aid which it had received through Sulaymaniyah and under the supervision and guidance of the airport of (Qassem Soleimani) who commissioned (Abu Mahdi Mohandes) to be intermediary between the leaders of the popular crowd and the workers ' Party and deliver them aid. 
7.okd need for the Turkish presence in any future political dialogue about the next situation that Staischha city of Mosul after liberation and that the Turkish government will (not only monitoring) and this infuriated the Iraqi government , which hasrenewed its rejection of any Turkish in the battle of Mosul role. 
8.khv scheme , which are working on the leaders of the popular crowd and pressure Iran 's need for the participation of the crowd and have a major in the liberation of the province of Nineveh role and led this situation to escalate statements that advocated by leading the popular crowd (League of the Righteous movement nujaba the Khorasani and the Badr Organization) and considered the Turkish presence (occupation forces) and the need to confront and remove them. 
Will we see in the coming days , a Turkish military operation similar to the process (shield Euphrates) that Turkish troops are still going out northern Syrian territory or that there is anunderstanding will be determined by the features of the battle ofMosul next?
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