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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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New York Times: propaganda machine to Daesh collapsed on social networking



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New York Times: propaganda machine to Daesh collapsed on social networking

Post by rocky on Sat 15 Oct 2016, 3:47 am

New York Times: propaganda machine to Daesh collapsed on social networking

 translation: Range 

A study conducted by specialists , researchers terrorism, at West Point (US Military Academy), the publicity campaign crude by al Daesh, which helped to attract 30 thousand foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria, collapsing dramatically with exposure extremist group to military pressure. 
The study revealed away group for their publications on social media , which was conceived as an effective bureaucratic and specialized business thriving business with happy citizens, where the group claims to establish a new Islamic caliphate, but it turns out that the claim tacky. 
the researcher says Daniel Milton "it is not numerically decline only caliphate the big market to promote but today Valmjmuah not talk about what position to be a state. " 
at the height of its publicity campaign, in August 2015, the group published more than 700 items in several countries, but in August 2016 and after a year of air strikes and attacks collapsed the number to 200 only. 
the study reveals a series of setbacks suffered by the group, but experts warn that the ideology Daesh likely to continue to inspire terrorist acts even after the fall of succession. 
the Daesh propaganda campaign, since its inception in 2014, the actor urges Muslims around the world to join in efforts to establish a Islamic state successful. 
with their success in the expansion and the seizure of cities in Syria, Iraq, Libya and others, it was to echo the propaganda among young Muslims in the Middle East, North Africa and some European countries and even in the United States. But with the escalation of the military campaign by the United States and its allies led, which reduced the areas controlled by the Group and with the targeting of its leaders, is no longer a religious state look, but a terrorist army eroding bit by bit. 
In April , Pentagon said that foreign fighters flow into Syria has been squeezed from two thousand to 200 per month. In late June Brett Mcgork, special envoy of the US President said the alliance, said the group wasexpelled from about half of the territories occupied in Iraq and that the number of foreign fighters has fallen from 33 to 20 thousand. 
He says Milton that this collapse in informing Daesh was a direct result of military campaigns against it , and the efforts made by social media companies such as Twitter where he has suspended the participation of pro-Daesh. the 
study also revealed a decline in the more media material ugliness of which images of prisoners executed, and an escalation in the execution of the group fighters accused of treason or espionage. the 
researchers believe that this transformation illustrates the concern within the group on hackers and the desire to deter those who betray the alleged succession. 
he says Milton said a nagging questions concerning campaign Daesh propaganda Interior, propagated by aday to millions of people in the control zones in Syria and Iraq, is "how to deal with all those children who have gone through these experiences? this will be a problem at the long term".

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