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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Features Display recruits Daesh



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Features Display recruits Daesh

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:29 am

Features Display recruits Daesh

 d. Atheer Haddad 

Released the second part of the World Bank / October 2016 report, which touched upon in the previous article. 
Before starting the analysis, select the target as "to end the civil war and the elimination of violent extremism occupy a top priority for the Middle East and North Africa" report. 
In order to give justification for the use ofeconomic instruments into the causes of theaffiliation of individuals to organize terrorist analyze the report states , "among the factors that drive people to leave their countries and join the radical absence of economic and social inclusion in the country of the headquarters groups." the 
World Bank is based in his report that the academic study of the science - individuals economy - offers two visions in - depth understanding of the pivotal aspect of the stresses in the "business model" to a terrorist group what. And it concludes: 
First , be rendered non - financial benefits , such as the feeling of the performance message instead for financial remuneration. Which is very important for organizations experiencing financial hardship. In the past few years became known for recruits rule is that they must pay in exchange for their training and theirsupplies. 
Second , in the science of individual economy when you can not pay money for their services, be self -motivated adherents to organize militant mainly in the performance of the enterprise, which is what we call loyalty metaphorically. Vttalb terrorist organizations of their followers to participate in violent activities are possibilities that the perpetrators escape almost up to zero. That is why the success depends on the sincerity of that organization by individuals. 
Since the terrorist organizations request to individuals with backgrounds militant, how can meet this demand? 
World Bank report indicates that the study was based on Daesh. And data on recruits Daesh of foreign origin computer records of individuals regulation available to the community ( The report does not Wayne indicates been getting the computer nor the names included). 
Dataset These include social and economic information about the 3803 recruits foreigners. 
Who are the inductees foreigners? 
They recruiters Daesh from all over the world . The Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey 's top five exporting countries of the recruits in the ranks Daesh. Among the majority of non - Muslim countries Russia, France and Germany topping the largest number of foreigners in the organization. 
It is the analysis of that information for recruits Daesh got the amazing facts: the 
level of education among recruits Daesh foreigners percentage: 
uneducated 1.6 
secondary 43.3 
is not available 16.3 
Primary 13.5 
collectors 25.4 
from this we find that the vast majority of recruits Daesh holders of secondary education and above , where the ratio of up to 69%. The illiterate, the proportion of below 2%. The report also points out that the recruits coming from the Middle East and North Africa and Central Asia more educated a large degree than is usual in their countries. 
It is data analysis that clear for the veterans bombers rising proportion with the high level of education, as well as the percentage rises if it was a recruiter had served in the forces armed. The report also offers arealistic fact amazing Other namely: that the majority of recruits who are inclined to do business violent claim that they have completed the secondary school level , and some claim he arrived to undergraduate. 
After all, the report two questions raises important issues : 
1. What drives a country to become a source of recruits extremists to Daesh ? 
2. can we identify some of the changes that monitor different dimensions (economic, social, political) that affect the direction of the country because joins some of the citizens of this terrorist group? 
it is all conclude that terrorism is not linked to poverty and the low levels of education. 
concludes the study: 
1-unemployment rate strong factor for recruitment. 
2. recruits from Muslim areas to the average worker is strong. 
3. per capita among males of GDP , the average worker. 
It is deeper in the three conclusions above , we can come up with the finding of a comprehensive social justice.

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