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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Anfogravek .. Daesh boxed in Mosul of 5 axes



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Anfogravek .. Daesh boxed in Mosul of 5 axes

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:48 am

[ltr]Anfogravek .. Daesh boxed in Mosul of 5 axes[/ltr]


Agencies -arac Press October -18: With the battleto liberate the city of Mosul in northern Iraq starting from the hands of the organization Daesh dawn on Monday, various forces surrounded the head of the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga city of five zones distributed on the fronts north and south and east.
The spread in the five regions of the Peshmerga forces, and the Iraqi army, and the popular crowd and guards Nineveh (formerly the National crowd) coaches at the hands of Turkish forces, in addition to the crowd of the tribal leadership of US Special Forces.
South East region
Despite the lack of clearing the entire southern region of Mosul of the hand Daesh that the Iraqi army simplifies control over the terms of the strategic Qayyarah , located 60 kilometers south east of the city, where the top anti - terrorism units known as the "golden band" trained by the Americans and an Iraqi army experts Lines fighting, and behind them in charge of the military forces to ensure the security of areas that will be edited.
In the meantime, special forces, a large number of US military advisers in the air base Balkierh spread, as is the goal of US troops to provide logistical support for the Iraqi army and other forces rapidly.

And simultaneously, spread in the region , "tribal crowd" forces the problem of the people of Mosul and the popular crowd.
Eastern Province
Peshmerga forces are fully in control of my forehead , "Coeur" and "Khazer" east of Mosul, as they move in front "Coeur" incoordination with the forces of the Iraqi army and the crowd clan, at a time when advancing it alone on the front of Khazar, while artillery units of the US spread over " Mount Zrdek "strategic on the front.
The aim of the Peshmerga to control the judiciary , "Hamdania" and hand "Bartila" predominantly Christian 10 km from thecenter of Mosul, as it prepares to launch an attack from three hubs in the front Khazar in an effort to control the Hamdania.
Peshmerga forces are currently located 30 kilometers from the center of Mosul hand front Khazar.
North Eastern Province
The front importantly Ba'shiqah in the northeast of the connector area, dotted with the Peshmerga forces in addition to the"Guard of Nineveh , " which has a population of 3,500 fighters, and trained in military Turkish hands for more than a year, as well as units of American artillery , which finally set up camp at Mount Bashiqa.
The spread in front Ba'shiqah forces of the Iraqi army , which continues to move troops and materiel to the region.
Away Ba'shiqah front where Turkish troops are also deployed 0.15 kilometers from the center of Mosul, the troops in the region and aims to regain control of the hand Ba'shiqah predominantly Christian and Yezidi, and then go to the "Kokjla" area at theentrance of Mosul.
North side
Experiencing the northern area of Mosul prevalent Peshmerga forces, while the spread of the Iraqi army , which continues torally his troops and doing its hardware, in terms of "Tlsagov" under the control of the Peshmerga in addition to the plug connector.
It is also expected to witness a northern front in support of operations by "Syrian Peshmerga" , consisting of five thousandmembers who could not return home due to the ban Syrian arm of the Organization of my Ka Ka "policies by me d".
Northwestern Switzerland
Peshmerga forces are deployed alone on my forehead , "Kazak", and "Nahrawan," to be able to progress from the northern side of the city.
And set off at dawn on Monday, the battle of the restoration of the city "Daesh", with the participation of 45 thousand of the Baghdad government forces, whether from the army or the police, or the popular crowd forces, or Nineveh Guard troops along with support of the international coalition.

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