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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Churches Iraq announce the terms of the return of the Christians in the Nineveh plain end after



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Churches Iraq announce the terms of the return of the Christians in the Nineveh plain end after

Post by rocky on Thu 03 Nov 2016, 3:35 am

Churches Iraq announce the terms of the return of the Christians in the Nineveh plain end after liberation

 Kirkuk / long-Presse 

He shepherds Iraqi churches, they hope to "safeguarding the rights of " members of thecommunity and to ensure the freedom and security to "deeds and not speeches," enabling them to stability in the land of ourforefathers. 
This came during an expanded meeting at the headquarters of the Patriarchate of the Chaldean, in the town of Ankawa in Erbil, at the invitation the Patriarch of the Chaldeans in Iraq and the world, St. Louis Raphael Sacco, both Patriarch Mar Curkis third Saliwa, Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, and the Bishop ofSaint John Peter Mushi, Bishop of Mosul and Kirkuk and the Kurdish Syriac Catholics participated in it, and Bishop Mar Ncodems David 's honor, Bishop of Mosul and Kirkuk and Kurdistan Syrian Orthodox, and Bishop Mar Bashar Matti Warda, Archbishop of Erbil of the Chaldeans, and the Bishop of Saint Basil Aldo, Associate Patriarchal Chaldean, and Khoury Timtallos Rev. Esha for ancient Eastern Church, as they issued a statement, received a (long - Presse) a copy of it. 
he said participants in the meeting that "Christians Created Iraqi authentic hardly Iraqi city free from theeffects of their churches and Diarathm, and their presence in some of them continued to be faded in theother, but they were and still pioneers of moderation and openness to others and acceptance of whatever was different, "noting that" Christians who lived in Mosul and towns of the Nineveh plain ago centuries in anatmosphere of peaceful coexistence and stable pluralism, collaborators with their neighbors despite some times of violence and persecution, now living as exceptional by all standards, deportees from their cities and towns following the atrocities committed against them by the forces of terrorism , obscurantism Kdaash and elsewhere, of the displacement and acquisition of land, homes and property , as well as the right of sabotage and destruction, and other works designated by international law as crimes against humanity. " The 
participants stressed that with the " continuation of the victories achieved and the liberalization of a number of towns and villages in the Nineveh plain , as we share our suffering and anxiety about the future, we affirm our support firmly by legitimate demands, and we will strive with all our effect of leveling the Christian component with the other components of Iraq, in rights and duties in order not to be material (2 / II) of the Iraqi Constitution , which states that the Constitution guarantees the full religious rights for all individuals to freedom of religious belief and practice, just ink on paper. " 
and expressed the hope that " the maintenance of the rights of Christians and to ensure freedom and security, deeds, not speeches, enabling them to stability in the land of our fathers and grandfathers thereby contributing our children experienced, efficiency and integrity in the reveille country and progress and prosperity in the center and in the Kurdistan region. " 
He explained participants " the displaced Christians from Mosul and towns of the Nineveh plain wish to return to their towns and homes after the end of editing operations, and will be the safety and stability , providing anessential condition to ensure a return, as well as moral and material compensation for everything they lost, and the reconstruction of their cities and towns and the provision of basic services and through the rule of law , which protects everyone will be able to communicate with their neighbors and live in peace and brotherhood and co - operation in the State of citizenship. " 
He called meeting" the need that the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan Regional government ensures the provision of these guarantees and the pursuit of mines and debris to raise the priority so that parents can see Batohm and how much damage it. " 
He continued participants "everyone is looking forward to an acceptable management formula in accordance with the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution, far from what is said here and there in the media, and where the battles for liberation was not yet over," Msttrdan that "better to postpone discuss this matter until after theliberation and the return of displaced persons and their resettlement, then it will be discussed form ofadministration through a quiet dialogue with the parties concerned. " 
the face of the conferees in their statement of thanks and appreciation to the " brave fighters in the Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga and the crowd and popular national and sons Christian people, who came from all over Iraq, united to fight the forces of darkness and terrorism, asking God Almighty to protect them and supports them until the liberation of every inch of the land of Iraq. " 
attendees concluded that the participants meet all" agreed to hold a meeting of deputies comprehensive Christian component in the House of Representatives and the Council of the region and the heads of parties. "

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