BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced that the Legal Committee of Parliament, said on Sunday that the House of Representatives is determined to new legislation for elections determines the timings of time for local elections, which will differ from the timings set by the federal government recently, and as pointed out that more than 97 percent of the political blocs favors the integration of local elections with the parliamentary counterpart, revealed that the integration of the elections would reduce the necessary Ajraeha.oukal member of the legal Committee of the parliamentary full Zaidi sums of money in a press statement today: the deadline set by the federal government to conduct the next local elections (16 September the next of this year) do not consider the deadline, especially since the government adopted in determining that date on Article 46 of the provincial elections law, offset by the determination of the House of Representatives on new legislation for elections defeated in front of all government decisions issued in this regard, as Zaidi that more than 97 percent of the political blocs refuse to hold elections on time and prefer to be combined with the upcoming parliamentary elections, pointing out that such refusal is due to several reasons stand in the forefront of the lack of security climate suitable for special elections , those blocks which relies heavily on voters in hot areas under the control of the organization Daesh terrorist . "He Zaidi said the integration of local elections with parliamentary counterparts and made one at a time would reduce necessary to conduct financial amounts, and the establishment of each of them individually will make it difficult that only the specified amount of 300 billion Iraqi dinars. Iraqi cabinet decided to determine the 16th of the month of September of this year as the date for provincial elections.