BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the legal committee member of the parliamentary Salim Chawki that the majority in the House of Representatives refused to vote amendment of the amnesty law, pointing to the existence of irregularities in the amendments that were received fromthe government for the origin of the law , which was enacted Sabaka.oukal Shawki in a press statement today : the majority in the House of Representatives rejecting in principle the amendment carried out by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the law to fit on violations of the law, noting that most of the irregularities on the right acquired and Article 15 of the law in force in which the Council of the judiciary House of Representatives committed the formation of committees to courtsof appeal, which began its work effectively, pointing out that the vote on the amendment means returning some who were released the decision of these committees to jail again and this is contrary to the rules Aleghanonah.oodhav Shawki that adjustments made to the law are incompatible withthe most favorable to the defendant law where those amendments deduced from the accused, Moreover , the laws that have been modified to be lacking implemented retroactively from acquiredpersonal right.