BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq responded , spokesman for Iran 's Foreign Ministry, Bahram Ghasemi, on Saturday, the final statement of the meeting of Arab League foreign ministers on the three islands of Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunb in the Persian Gulf "as the allegations are unfounded and unacceptable , " stressing that " the sovereignty Iran is the fact that these islands are undeniable ".orvd Ghasemi said in a statement today. What he described as "empty allegations regarding the three islands included in the statement . " He said that "such allegations false and that undermine Iran 's sovereignty over the islands" .ufema respect repeating Iran 's accusation about its interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries could Qasemi said that his country "did not never interfere in the affairs of any State , and it does not feel the need for such an intervention , "adding that" the targeting of Iran such charges unexplained is dodged a failed internal problems of some countries and try to get out of the quagmire into which introduced itself in. " Colh.oukal the extent that "it is better for the Arab League to be wiser and not to waste more time and money to repeat the allegations are unfounded, and that does not deviate from the fundamental objectives set for it." As he put it .