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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Qatar's support for terrorism is refined by "evidence"


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Qatar's support for terrorism is refined by "evidence"

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 1:05 am

Qatar's support for terrorism is refined by "evidence"

Arab and international  Since 2017-06-18 at 15:02 (Baghdad time)

Mawazine News - Follow up
Day after day, evidence of Qatar's support for terrorism is being refined, most recently in Bahrain, where phone records revealing Doha conspiracies were discovered to undermine the security of Manama and to harness its media arms.
It is expected that this disclosure will follow official Bahraini moves, after demands to raise international issues on Doha, and the trial of those involved in the interference in the affairs of the country.
"The military courts must consider this case so that it can be quickly adjudicated," Bahraini parliament member Khaled al-Shaer told Sky News Arabiya.
In a statement, Bahrain's parliament denounced the blatant interference of the Qatari regime in Bahrain's domestic affairs, which are aimed at destabilizing security and stability in the kingdom and damaging national unity.
The statement stressed that the unfortunate events of 2011 and until today, a conspiracy and not a popular movement, and through the fifth column of Iran, and with the support of the Qatari system.
He explained that the leaked phone call between the advisor of the Emir of Qatar Hamad Al Attiyah and one of the leaders of the Bahraini "Wefaq" terrorist Hassan Sultan is evidence of the Iranian country plan against Bahrain to exploit the so-called Arab Spring to declare a republic following the mandate of the Faqih.
The Council called for the prosecution of those who took part in the call or in any crime that harmed the security of the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to protect the countries and peoples of the region from terrorist acts and their supporters.
In another comment on the audio recordings, the Bahraini Shura Council expressed its strong condemnation and total rejection of the intervention of the Qatari regime in the policies of Bahrain and its direct involvement in coordination with terrorists during the events of 2011.
The tone of the two statements reflects Bahrain's insistence on taking a firm and final stand on the country's long-standing interventions and holding perpetrators accountable for the defeat of terrorism in Bahrain.


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