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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The repercussions of the Qatari crisis


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The repercussions of the Qatari crisis

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 2:14 am

The repercussions of the Qatari crisis

Author: Saad al - Obeidi

6/19/2017 0:00

US President Trump visited Saudi Arabia and the contract deals with hundreds of billions and then Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain with Egypt has decided to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar and dishes siege, following a tribute to Prince Tamim , the importance of Iran 's role remarks, denying Hamas and Hezbollah recipe terrorism, thereby contributing those statements the outbreak of the crisis and discredited Qatar, but hold it after welcoming the US president step provincial and blessing them.
This is looking at the topic realistic look , we find that Qatar was quick to search for the role of its greater size after 1995, we conclude that Qatar got this role based on the subjective desire and financial possibilities of green from the bodies window and light, and consequently played a role with two decades of time represents a stir extremism and further crises in the region are meant to remain inflamed. The role, the group acts provoked hostility from many countries and angered its neighbor Saudi Arabia , which has adopted this role originally, and I felt Pettmada Qatar threat to influence the leader of Sunni Islam and marginalized its move, it came to pass calculated internationally between them on the uniqueness of the role of competing against each other its performance ruction.
Dispute on this role was not far from the effects of the international force forces in the region and exploited America 's strong forcing the two rivals to pay for the sins of the friendly atonement committed some of them related to terrorism, which is the most important issue. We see that contexts the subject of thorny crisis and shape to deal with it regionally and internationally can be concluded that the Qatari Gulf crisis Saudi Arabia, is a storm in a cup will not develop into a collision level, and resolved exists in the same dossier , which contained ways of aggravation, which establishes a new stage , paving the way for ending terrorism as a form of conflict, but they will push for a more influential and complex , including the most important crises or (Sunni conflict - Shiite) as an alternative to the Arab - Israeli conflict , which has tired region and the world and led to the desired results in keeping for a long time - consuming. A conflict in addition to that required a new phase in the region, its components exist oscilloscopes Saudi Arabia on the one hand and Iran from the opposite side, and Ocodh ready runner, controls the feelings of the Sunnis and Shiites together, a solid floor of the ignorance of the consequences and not should learn from the past and the expense of the future. If the conflict broke out Hraigah - God forbid - Iraq will be more affected by winning because the social environment is the most appropriate and guarantee to make it once again a battlefield will be the most basic results of Iraq that Iraq is located
Still, in a world of conflict can not be Topics to access Muslims, and remains the sidelines of the local movement in its field exists, and requires , among other things , that Iraq is pursuing a positive neutrality between the axes policy, especially as he has not recovered from the wound of war after, and did not have the papers to make it sitting in the first row seats for players.

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