Alsumaria News / Baghdad , 
said MP from the Turkmen component architecture Niazi Ihsanoglu, Wednesday, that the Federal Court 's decision on Article 140 is contrary to the Constitution, noting that the Court were not successful time issuing the decision, while the possibility of the success of the committee formed to implement article implementation of its ruled out. 

"The decision of the Federal Court, although it is binding and binding for all, but there is a time limit for Article 140, which ends on 30 December 2007, a clear and explicit constitutional provision, and therefore they are contrary to the decision to enter into Article 140," said Oglu in an interview with Alsumaria News, Noting that "the recent period of the imposition of law and order in the areas of intermittent and exceeded and occupied and different and not disputed, created a need for some to revive the clinical situation of Article 140 ended a decade ago."