Authority announced the border crossing points, Wednesday, for the approval of the Office of the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , the actions taken by them on entering the car is damaged in the land and sea ports. 

The agency said in a statement received by Alsumaria News a copy of it, "The Prime Minister's Office supported the measures taken by the Ports Authority to enter cars not affected at the border crossings land and sea."

The Authority added that "this support after the vote earlier in the meeting of the Board of Directors headed by Kazim Al-Aqabi to enter the cars not affected and differentiate between the affected and used for the purpose of import and raise the guidance of the Council after it was voted for the purpose of circulation at the ports, which included the adoption of import license, Authentication of the committees of detection at the ports for the purpose of entering the cars imported and used without harm. 

On November 28, 2018, the Border Crossings Authority decided to allow the importation of used vehicles "without harm" while discussing the protection of border crossings, preventing the entry of damaged vehicles and simplifying the entry of tourist groups to Baghdad International Airport.